What About Window Types?

Replacement Window Choices

The window in the center is a “fixed” non-operable window.  The windows on either side are “quarter arches” and the windows above the doors are transom windows also non-operable.

Replacement Window Choices

Homeowners often inquire about the different window types and choices that are available.   To help clarify these questions, in this post I compiled a shortlist of the basic types.

Many homes are built with basic types of windows  (standard “builders grade” windows) with very few features and pretty much boring. Updating with new replacement windows can make a nondescript home into one that shines with curb and what I call the “wow appeal!”

It is important to know what your options are, what the features are and what they mean before making your window replacement decision.  I am happy to provide you with some insight as your personal window professional and here is some important information you should be aware of about the various window types.

Window Types:

Fixed – This type of window cannot be opened. It is usually inexpensive and does not allow for ventilation.


One sash is operational

Sing hung – This is one of the most common types of “builder’s grade” windows used.  Single-hung means that only one of the window sashes is able to slide up and down and be opened.


Both sashes operational

Double hung  – This is the second most common type of window. This window consists of two sashes that move up and down and can be opened either one at a time or both partially at the same time allowing for even better air circulation than a single hung window provides.

Casement Window, Window Replacement, Replacement Window, Windows, Window Options

Vertical hinge, cranks

Casement – These windows are common in the northeast USA.  Casement windows are hinged vertically to swing in and out like a door and operate with a crank handle.

Awning window, window replacement, window options, window types

Hinged horizontally, crank

Awning – Awning windows are similar to casement windows but are hinged horizontally.

Jalousie – Jalousie windows are horizontally placed narrow strips of glass, lowered by crank. Although out of favor today, they were very popular in the mid-century.


Sliding Windows

Sliding – Sliding windows move along top and bottom tracks. They are also very common in the mid-west USA and can be inexpensive for the most part.

Palladian – A palladian window consists of group of three windows with an arch over the center. These windows have become very popular in the last decade. They provide visual interest and drama to a home.

Picture DoubleHung

Picture Window
& Double Hungs

Picture – Picture windows are especially popular in ranch-style homes. They are large fixed windows flanked by two casements or double-hung windows on either side of the picture window.

Transom – These windows are especially popular in Craftsman like homes. They consist of a strip of small horizontal panes set high on a wall and often above an entry door, doorway or over existing operational windows.

CircleTop window, window replacement, replacement windows, window options

Circle Top, Elliptical or Arched

Elliptical or Arched (Circle Top)– These windows are often positioned above double hung or fixed windows in many of today’s new homes adding appeal and personality.


Add Appeal with an Eyebrow

Eyebrow – This window is often positioned above double hung or fixed windows in many of today’s new homes to add appeal and personality.

Bow window

Protrudes outside of the home

Bay window

Protrudes out from the home

Bay and Bow – This type of window protrudes from the home that often has a small roof built over it as well as a soffit underneath. They are very common when homeowners upgrade from their older windows in the northeast USA.

As you can see, there are many types of windows available.  The region you live in will often determine the type of window common in your area.  Making a smart choice in window selection can lead to greater appeal, light and energy efficiency for your home for many years.

In future blogs, I will discuss how choosing grid pattern, interior and colors of the window frames can make wonderful enhancements to your home. Additionally I will be providing information on many other fun options for your windows types and choices. Learn more at this link about Energy Efficient Windows and Low-E Glass.

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