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This is an option many homeowners overlook when it comes to home window replacement. When it is time to replace windows, homeowners in the market should also consider Aluminum Windows as a viable replacement option in the Houston Texas metro area. These aluminum replacement windows available from Texas Based NT Window company. Unlike fibrex, composite and vinyl windows, aluminum windows have incredible strength due to their rigid lifetime aluminum metallic frames. This is wonderful peace of mind and durable strength that only aluminum windows can offer.

What Makes Windows Fail?

Three Ways Windows Fail and Why:

  1. The dreaded Seal Failure. This type of failure can cause the windows to fog with condensation between the two panes of glass. Once this happens there is really no choice but to replace that entire window unit. Many homeowners have experienced this with some of the vinyl windows installed on their homes.
  2. Stabilization Issues. The frame that holds the window in place is either made of vinyl or a composite material which is non-metallic, this can result in a weaker frame which can move, separate, warp or bow. This can happen with these both of these types of vinyl and fibrex window options which are not as rigid and thus do not have the strength and durability which is found in aluminum.
  3. Sash Movement. Houston TX homeowners often find their windows will not open properly, this problem is often due to movement of the frame of less rigid sashes. This is not an issue with tough aluminum windows! This is of most importance as most homeowners will experience one of these three failures in time and want to look at other options for windows.

Lifetime Warranty Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Window Lifetime Warranty

Considering the information above above, the window failure issues with glass and frames, NT Window has a great solution to protect you as a homeowner.

Due to the incredible strength that only aluminum windows can offer, NT offers a Lifetime Warranty on their aluminum windows. This warranty also covers seal failure, so you never have to worry for the lifetime of your home having to deal with any of those issues. Now you can relax and enjoy your home with increased energy efficiency year round!

Benefits of Aluminum Windows For Your Houston Texas Home

Thermal Break Energy Efficient Performance

Thermal break aluminum windows texas home exteriors

With Aluminum Replacement Windows, you have great terminal performance from windows that are are thermally separated.  This thermally separated “thermal break” stops the flow of our Texas heat as well as the cold through aluminum with a product made of tough composite non-metallic material.

This Thermo Break Product has been designed as a permanent insulation barrier that improves the window’s overall performance. The thermal break acts as a stopping point to prevent the transfer of cold and heat from the outside of the window into the home. Homeowners can now take advantage of the long-term durability of Aluminum along with increased energy efficiency due to the thermal break technology.

Reliability with No Maintenance and No Heat Warpage

One of the qualities the aluminum windows provide is their corrosion-proof resistance. The no-maintenance frame is tough and extremely resistant to warping or getting damaged from our harsh Houston Texas conditions such as hail, sun, pollutants and moisture. The strong aluminum materials from which the aluminum windows are built from, will not ever hold mold, swell, crack, split or become warped from excessive sun.  This is the reason why NT is providing you, the homeowner, with a lifetime warrantied window unit.

Cost & Savings Low-E 366 Glass of Aluminum Windows

You might find yourself pleasantly surprised to find aluminum frame windows to be significantly less expensive cost than the other window frames built with fibrex and composite materials. Aluminum windows will provide your home with a sturdy, rigid and dependable choice over the others lasting a lifetime.

Build Flexibility

Because aluminum (just like steel) is strong and rigid, it can conform to shapes of window openings much better than any other product on the market by leaps and bounds!  Instead of using materials that are not rigid, aluminum windows offer great strength that will allow for the build flexibility. You will not find a more durable window than aluminum.

Colors & Finishes Aluminum Window Latch and Parts

Now you can have windows with the color that you desire. Because aluminum windows are painted, the finish can be a multitude of colors including that beautiful brushed aluminum look you can only get from the real deal! Complete flexibility in finishes is what you’ll experience with aluminum windows. Some of the colors are: Bronze, Almond, White & Clear Anodized Aluminum.

Aluminum Window Manufacturers:

Closing Thoughts About Aluminum WindowsWeatherstriping Of Aluminum Windows

If you are in the market for replacing your old windows, you will find there are many options to choose from on the market today offered by a variety of companies. All windows aluminum or not are not created equal, that is why you should compare warranties and window options for yourself.

If your home is in Houston Texas metro area, TX built Aluminum Windows are a great choice that will perform well as they are trouble-free. They will also give a quick payback on your investment for your Houston Texas metro area home. We also have the famed 1% TexasEZPay 100% financing! Thank you from all of us at Texas Home Exteriors

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