LP SmartSide Siding Job in Kingwood Texas

12″ SmartSide Lap Siding with Soffit and Fascia

This home in Kingwood Texas was one of our LP SmartSide Siding jobs that we installed last summer. The homeowners called us for an estimate because they were having not only some rotted siding issues but also some mold issues that were forming in the attic. Usually in Kingwood TX there are many tall Pine trees that offer shade. However this homeowner had the pine trees clear cut and the full summer sun was was constantly beating down on the roof. There was also the lack of ventilation issue that we had to resolve, and this we did with the new LP Smart Soffit!

Kingwood Texas LP SmartSide Siding

Kingwood Texas LP SmartSide Siding Job With a 50 Year Warranty by Texas Home Exteriors


Classic White Color for the Siding, Trim, Soffit and Fascia for this Kingwood TX home

LP SmartSide Vented Soffit and Trim

Notice all of the Vented Soffit = Cooler Attic = Lower Utility Bills!

This siding job took about a week to complete from start to finish. We started by having ABC Supply delivering the siding, trim, soffit, fascia and vapor barrier at about 7:30 am early on a Texas summer Monday morning.

About that time the crews arrived. They unload their tools and quickly got to work. They started with removing the old siding, replace any rotted wood, and then installed new Dupont Tyvek HomeWrap vapor barrier.

Then the new LP SmartSide Siding was installed. This Kingwood Texas homeowner chose the 12″ lap siding for it’s bold look as opposed to the smaller lap like the 8″ profile.

With the new LP SmartSide siding in place this Kingwood Texas homeowner will not have to be concerned with replacing this for at least another 50 years.

50 Year Siding & Trim Warranty

LP SmartSide Siding comes with a 50 Year Warranty on all of it’s components such as, siding, soffit, fascia and trim. That kind of full component warranty is peace of mind for many years to come. The siding warranty that is offered by LP Building Products is 5 full years full coverage and then is is prorated for the next 45 years after that.

Ventilation Issue Resolved with Smart Soffit

Remember in the first paragraph where I spoke of a “ventilation issue?” This Kingwood home was just not getting enough fresh air (intake) into the roof attic space. The old soffit vents were insufficient to say the least. If you take a look at the new vented LP Smart Soffit that we installed, you will see how the vents are lanced into the soffit panel. This offers the home’s attic space much more fresh intake and thus solving the lack of fresh air and solving the mold issue because of the lack of fresh air. This increased cooler air will and so help with summer utility bill reduction year after year.

Professional Installation For Kingwood Homeowners

Texas Home Exteriors is a Platinum level LP Build Smart Siding Contractor so you can be rest assured that the job will be installed correctly by a professional company. This is important that the new siding product is installed correctly as to not void any warranty.

Nice Classic White Paint by Sherwin-Williams

The color of your home can be a choice that can blend with the brick color or accent and intensify the contrast. The white paint contrasting against the red brick offers a nice and traditional contrast as this Kingwood TX homeowner chose Sherwin-Williams Super Paint SW 7006 Extra White paint color. Choosing the color of paint can be a daunting task, we will be more than happy to help you make a recommendation. While we are installing your new siding, we can get a small amount of paint what we call…”test paint” a small area for you to see and decide if that is what you are desiring.

Back of Home with LP SmartSide Siding

Back Of Home new LP SmartSide Siding Installed With a 50 Year Warranty

Final Thoughts On SmartSide Siding Kingwood

If you have enjoyed reading all about this new siding job and seeing the quality of our workmanship, please give us a call at 281.919.6999. We will come out to your Kingwood Texas home and measure for new LP SmartSide siding. We give free estimates and offer the famed Texas EZ Pay financing at 1% mo payment. If your job was $10,000 your monthly payment would only be $100 a month. Now that is a good deal!

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