Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Job in Spring Texas

Before and After Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding In Spring TX

This Spring TX homeowner placed a phone call to Texas Home Exteriors requesting a Free Estimate. We met with the customers discussed and showed samples to them of their home siding options.  The homeowners then decided to go with the James Hardie Siding – Beaded Cedarmill product on their Spring Texas home.  That was a great siding choice. We returned for the installation had this siding replacement project completed in this Spring Texas subdivision in just two weeks!

The images below display the job before, in progress as well as the completed Hardie siding project in Spring Texas. See the siding installation and some lovely images of the completed Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding and trim replacement project.  Our trained, professional installation crews removed the old siding, installed new Tyvek Thermawrap under the Hardie siding then painted the new siding and trim with the Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint . The paint colors selected by the homeowners were “Clary Sage” for the siding and “Oak Moss” for the trim. The end result is displayed beautifully in the images below of this wonderful upgraded home in Spring TX with new siding, trim and paint.

Before/During Photo

Home Exteriors Installing Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Spring TX

Before/During Texas Home Exteriors Installing Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Spring TX

After Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Job in Spring TX

The new updated look of this home is amazing! These Southeast Texas homeowners selected the Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Lap Siding option as well as deciding on new Sherwin-Williams paint colors of their choice for the siding and trim on their home.

The Sherwin-Williams colors they selected are “Clary Sage” for the siding and “Oak Moss” for the trim. Their choice of colors really warmed up the look of their home giving it a beautiful updated, classy look.  What a wonderful installation of HardiePlank Beaded Cedarmill Lap Siding with this completed project that made for very happy customers for Texas Home Exteriors!

Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Finished job by Texas Home Exteriors

Beautiful Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Finished job by Texas Home Exteriors

A close up look at Hardie Beaded Cedarmill

Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Sample Spring Texas

Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding Sample Spring TX

To the right is a close up image showing the detail of the wood grain pattern and beaded edge of the Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding product we installed for this homeowner on the sidewalls of their Spring Texas home.

Notice, the nice look with the bead at the bottom of each siding lap panel. The profile of this siding panel provides home exteriors with a lovely, distinct and upscale look, “very classy” as the next door neighbors have said!

This is a great siding option to consider if you are wanting a unique, more detailed and enhanced look for your home. Definitely one of our favorites and you get to customize your paint colors!


Pleasing Results with Hardie Building Products

In the image below, the lines display beautifully on the newly installed Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding offering a distinct and classy look for this home. Additionally, homeowners often report their home as being quieter and more energy efficient with the installation of the Dupont Tyvek Thermawrap reflective radiant barrier under their Hardie Siding. Texas Home Exteriors is proud to offer great options from Hardie Siding Products and Dupont Tyvek House Wrap Vapor Barrier products to southeast Texas homeowners with amazing results and happy very lifetime customers!

Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Back of Home Installed by Texas Home Exteriors

Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Back of Home Professionally Installed by Texas Home Exteriors

 The Paint Color Selection

Homeowners are encouraged to consider whether they would like to keep the original colors on their home siding and trim or if they would like to update the home with new, updated paint colors. As customers consider their color selections, we recommend selecting contrasting colors for the siding and trim to accentuate and give more depth or “personality” to the home exterior and to satisfy their style and taste.

The Sherwin-Williams Paint colors this Spring Texas homeowner selected for their home can be seen in the image below.  Their paint colors provided an updated look along with the new Hardie Siding Building Products Beaded Cedarmill siding and Hardietrim.

Witness the transformation of this home yourself in the before and after photos shared throughout this post.  And for the final step of the project, Texas Home Exteriors applied high quality Sherwin-Williams Super Paint with a 25-year warranty to their home to complete the look.

The Sherwin-Williams colors this homeowner selected for their home (see displayed in the after photos) are: Beaded Cedarmill Siding painted Clary Sage SW6178 as the (lighter) main body of the home. Then we used for a nice contrasting accent (darker) on the trim, paint color Oakmoss SW6180.

Back of Home with Contrasting Siding and Trim Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding

Back of Home – Siding and Trim Paint Colors Hardie Beaded Cedarmill Siding

FREE Hardie Estimate in Spring Texas

For a Free written No Pressure Estimate from Texas Home Exteriors please call or text us at: 281.919.699 or email: Info@TexasHomeExteriors.com and we will get back right away. Texas EZ Pay Financing is a Great Option for getting the job done without using any of your funds.

For instance, on a $9,500 Hardie Siding job will only cost $95 a month with instant EZ approval! Get new Hardie Siding in Spring Texas from Texas Home Exteriors



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