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How Engineered Wood Is MadeLP SmartSide Engineered Wood Siding

More Than Wood, It’s Engineered Wood!

The term, engineered wood can refer to flooring, OSB sheathing, building products such as beams and more. In this post we are going to talk about siding specifically. There are many brands of engineered wood siding on the market these days. We will be talking about the LP SmartSide siding product as it is an engineered wood siding which will provide any home with the rich look of a real mill processed wood. It offers homeowners all the characteristics you can get from traditional wood siding especially the warmth and natural beauty.

LP SmartSide perfectly combines these characteristics with the advantages that come with the treated engineered wood technology. LP uses advanced wood processing to improve upon the natural wood, thereby creating wood panels that are sturdier, more durable, stable in dimension and far more consistent that what you’ll get with the traditional wood materials.

How Long Have They Been Making Engineered Wood? 

LP Building Products SmartSide has been in the business of making siding materials for over a decade and they have been able to bring out excellence on every single project; so much so that they have become the industry standard and flag bearer in the United States. They are leading the charge to change the way we look at constructing and erecting homes, outdoor building structures and light commercial properties.

LP SmartSide engineered wood siding can go a long way in giving a new feel of life to any home with a wide array of selections when it comes to styles and profiles. Their ability to function while simultaneously enhancing the outlook of any home is one of the reasons why you should definitely should consider choosing this siding for your home.

Engineered Wood Is Made From Wood Strands Resin Binder and Zinc BorateHow Is Engineered Wood Siding Made?

LP Building Products’ SmartSide line of siding and trim is made up of wood strands that are coated (treated) with a resin binder and compressed to create a siding board of superior strength and durability. Each SmartSide piece is also treated using LP’s SmartGuard zinc-borate treatment system to protect against termites, rot and decay. Some will say that the zinc-borate is a green safe treatment process. 

Using their proprietary SmartGuard process, LP SmartSide has been successful at building and treating their products. By using four basic components of protection, the SmartGuard process is able to add a layer of strength and durability to their products which also helps in making these products withstand some of the most harsh physical, biological and geographical conditions, including freeze-thaw cycles, high levels of humidity, decay brought about by fungus, extreme rain and much more. In summary engineered wood is composed of: wood strands resin binder and zinc borate.

The LP SmartSide engineered wood panels offers the following benefits and much more:

The Natural Look of Cedar

Although treated with certain production processes, the SmartSide engineered wood panel still retains the beautiful and alluring look of cedar. LP has ensured that no matter how much change these panels have undergone and no matter the amount of engineering and additions, the product still keeps its natural cedar wood look and this will definitely go a long way in making any home look alluring and beautiful. The LP SmartSide engineered wood panel siding combines performance with looks in a way no other product does. With them, you get wood panel sides that are able to withstand harsh conditions and SmartSide will also increase the aesthetic (curb-side) appeal of your home.

Ideal For Texas Wind Zone 

Even in areas where there are high winds such as the Texas wind zone coastal areas, engineered wood siding is structurally sound and helps hold the structure together. Even with seismic activity, LP SmartSide engineered wood panel sides are still able to stand firm with amazing structural stability which prevents racking. These siding panels are the perfect way to protect your home from any harsh effects of the weather and you can rest assured that you have a reliable defense. The panels are also very long-lasting, so you can rest assured that purchasing them will work in the benefit of your home for the long run. You won’t be going back to the wood shop anytime soon.

Completely Safe

LP SmartSide engineered wood siding is made and treated effectively, is completely safe and holds no health hazard. 

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance cost and processes are also very easy. A quick cleaning every now and then will keep the beauty of the siding. The siding has very strong builds, meaning it holds its own against harsh conditions and still stands out with its beautiful look. The siding looks nice, regardless of the prevalent conditions around the house.

LP Engineered Wood SmartGuard Processes Treated With the LP SmartGuard Process

LP SmartSide treats the engineered wood siding using the SmartGuard process which gives the siding, moisture, decay and termite resistance. Part of their commitment is to make engineered wood siding which will a long, long time. You can rest assured that no form of biological degradation of decay will have an affect this wood siding. The SmartGuard treatment prevent this problem from occurring.

Ease of Installation and Building Efficiency

LP SmartSide treated engineered wood siding goes a long way in saving time. One way they do this is by cutting out the time you would have otherwise spent dealing with warped and split pieces when the product is properly stored and applied. The siding also comes with a pre-primed design that is ready to paint, saving time. The siding comes in lengths of up to16” which makes for fewer seams. This also makes for an easier installation and cleaning with far less waste to haul off from the site when the installation is complete.

Cost Effective and Time Saving

LP SmartSide engineered wood siding is easy to cut. All that is needed to cut the siding is a standard woodworking tool which is a major advantage over the fiber cement cladding which requires the use of expensive and rare diamond blades (not to mention breathing the silica dust which is very bad to breath). Because of this, it makes for an easier, faster and more efficient installation process. Weighing far less than other products and it is strong with the ability to resist breakage during handling (with only one man needed to handle a plank), all if this increases installation efficiency.   

Better, More Natural Aesthetic Appeal

LP SmartSide engineered wood siding offers homeowners the appealing look of unique cedar-grain texture which comes in a wide array of stylish profiles. If you’re a homeowner looking for uncompromising quality as well as a distinctive curb appeal, LP SmartSide is the siding choice for you. 

A Wide Array of Engineered Wood Siding Options

LP SmartSide is available in a variety of profiles to choose from including horizontal lap siding, vertical siding, cedar shingle shake siding as well as soffit and fascia trim.  The siding profiles can be mixed and matched as well as painted any color allowing homeowners to personalize the look of their home to their own unique taste.

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LP SmartSide Engineered Wood Siding Profiles

LP SmartSide  Panel Siding

LP SmartSide panels are full  4×8′ and 4×10′ long vertical panels. They are know by their vertical lines that go from the top to the bottom of each panel. This profile is often used for light commercial structures, sheds, residential buildings and homes.

LP SmartSide Vertical Siding

LP SmartSide vertical siding gives homeowners the ability to create the alluring and beautiful display of board and batten with the added protection of the SmartGuard treatment process. For a strong and simultaneously stylish vertical siding, this is the beautiful choice.

LP SmartSide Lap Siding

LP SmartSide lap siding is by far the most common siding profile on the market. They come in 8″ and 12″ wide profiles. This is a form of siding that offers homeowners the ability to create the type of look they want. There are many profiles that are available so any homeowner can get as creative as they want. Engineered wood siding has been engineered to withstand extreme weather, making it far more durable. It is also a natural choice, so you don’t need to worry about gaseous emissions of any other hazards to your health or that of others around you.

Final Thoughts On Engineered Wood Siding 

There are many siding building products out there such as, fiber cement, vinyl and engineered wood. No home siding product is by any means perfect as they all have their flaws. However with the technology that we have available to us, we know that wood has come a long way. Engineered wood siding products have come a long way. They offer the most in strength and durability far and away from any other on the market today. Thank you form all of us here at, Texas Home Exteriors and please feel free make a comment below.

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