Katy Texas Home –
LP SmartSide Siding Replacement

LP SmartSide Siding For A Katy Texas Home

This job in the City of Katy TX gave this home a new updated look with LP SmartSide siding installed by Texas Home Exteriors. The Home had original siding that was rotting and past due for replacement. The Homeowner’s liked the 50-year warranty that is provided by LP SmartSide (LP Building Products)as well as the moisture and termite resistance of the LP SmartSide Lap Siding, trim and soffits products.

This Katy Texas home was finished with satin Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint with a 25 year warranty that will last for many years to come! The contrasting colors that were chosen by the homeowner for this home are as follows; the trim is the lighter of the two, SW6106 Kilim Beige and the LP SmartSide Siding main color is the darker called, SW6109 Hopsack. They wanted to stay within the brown color family.

LP SmartSide Siding Job Katy Texas Installed Texas Home Exteriors

After The LP SmartSide Siding Job Katy Texas Installed Texas Home Exteriors Inc.

Before New Siding Katy TX Home

Katy Home Before New Siding Installation 

Before LP SmartSide Siding

Before installation of the LP SmartSide Siding the homeowner spoke how they wanted to update the look because the home had an old out-dated vertical siding in a dark brown color. It also had rotting siding along the bottom edges in the rear and on the garage of the home. The home with new SmartSide now has protection from rot and termites for 50 years.

The garage of this home had many rotted edges on the bottom of the siding as well as along the fascia, Trim and soffits, it cleaned up nicely with the new LP SmartSide Siding update. Note the two-tone paint job for nice accent and complementary colors.  The look of the home is updated and many of the neighbors love the new  siding and trim look. SmartSide protects them with a 50 year warranty.


Katy TX Home Exterior With New SmartSide Siding

LP SmartSide Siding Installation Katy TX Texas Home Exteriors

LP SmartSide Siding Job in Katy TX by Texas Home Exteriors

In the photo below, you can see the curbside appeal of home with the newly installed LP SmartSide siding, Smart Soffit and SmartTrim installed by Texas Home Exteriors siding crews.

All of the LP SmartSide siding products on this Katy Texas home now have a 50 Year Warranty with peace of mind for many long years. They now can enjoy other things in life without having to worry about their home siding.

 SmartSide Siding Looks Beautiful-Cedar Woodgrain Look

Many Siding products look flat with an unrealistic look to it. Note, the LP SmartSide Siding has a deep woodgrain texture that is pleasing to the eye and resembles the look or real wood siding. Many of the Katy Texas homeowners have express how nice the siding looks when you look close at the finish siding product. We do get many compliments with homes that we install the LP SmartSide Siding product on.

LP SmartSide Siding Deep Wood Grain Katy Texas Home

LP SmartSide Siding With Deep Wood Grain Katy Texas Home

Maximum LP Smart Soffit Ventilation 10 s.q. inches of Fresh Air!

Complete the look with SmartTrim on your corners, around your windows as well as fascia and gain a more energy efficient home with vented Smart Soffit at the same time. Smart Soffit best for ventilation and boast 10 s.q. inches per lineal foot.

Here in the Katy TX metro area, we need as much ventilation as possible to keep our attics cool where the AC is working and our roofing shingles will last longer due to heat reduction.

LP Smart Soffit Best For Southeast Texas Ventilation - 10 sq. Inches per Lineal Foot

LP Smart Soffit Best For Texas Ventilation – 10 sq. Inches per Lineal Foot

We have 100% Financing with the Texas EZ Pay 1% Financing with Instant Approval! That means a $7,500 job will only cost $75 a month with instant approval! Perfect for siding your Katy Texas home!

The End Result of the New LP SmartSide Siding

Most of our SmartSide siding jobs in the Katy TX metro area are completed in 3 – 5 days. If you  are wanting to replace the siding, roofing replacement or new energy efficient replacement windows on your Katy or Houston TX home, give us a call at Texas Home Exteriors phone: 281.919.6999 for a Free Estimate in writing with verifiable references.