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Texas Built NT Window VS. Renewal by Andersen, Pella & Simonton Windows

Lady thinking about replacement windows optionsWhen it comes time and you find yourself in the market for new replacement windows. You are considering NT, Andersen, Pella or Simonton Replacement Windows. Your home is in one our great Texas cities such as Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Humble, Sugar Land, Clear Lake or Katy. This post offers some insight into some popular windows options. Although the information is geared for this area, it can be helpful to homeowners across the country.

Chances are, you have heard of Pella, Andersen and Simonton replacement windows as these windows are some of the most heavily advertised options so as you search the web, you very well will see their advertisements everywhere, such as Renewal by Andersen ads.

As you explore, you may decide to give them a call or email them to take advantage of one of the offers for a free estimate. A representative will then show up at your home at the scheduled appointment time at which time you allow him/her into your home. After some time of presenting the Renewal Andersen replacement window product and some discussion comes the long awaited price which often leads to a gasp and shock.

For instance, let’s say you have 12 windows in your home and the representative quotes you $24,000 total cost to replace these windows. Yes, he quoted 12 replacement windows installed in your home for $24,000 in total cost. With a quick calculation, the price per window opening averages $2,000 each. Wow, you think to yourself (or maybe out loud) and start wondering what am I buying? The price really can get one thinking, right??

As you ponder this new information, you now find yourself wondering if you should get another estimate for comparison. So you find yourself once again in front of the computer or on your cell phone searching, this time deciding to search for windows made in Texas. Your search provides you with a result, Texas built NT Windows. At which time, you decide to get additional estimates for windows and request another estimate.

So now for more research to decide which windows to choose you want to know more about what each offers in their warranty; what the difference is in comparison from one window to the other and the pricing of each window option as well as what features and options are available from each of the options? These are great questions many of which we will review below from several replacement window options.

Window Brands Compared in This Post Include:

A Great Variety of Windows to Choose From

With so many windows to choose from, we thought that it would be good for Texas homeowners to have a detailed replacement window manufacture comparison so they can compare for themselves. After receiving several estimates, it can certainly get very confusing trying to sort out the options, quality, pricing, warranty and more in trying to make a decision as to which windows to have installed.

Where Are They Manufactured?

Andersen Windows are manufactured in St. Paul Minnesota an exurb Bayport, Minnesota. Andersen Corporation is huge, it is an international window and door manufacturing enterprise which employs more than 9,000 people at over 20 locations across the globe.

Pella Vinyl Windows are manufactured in Murray, Kentucky, offers Vinyl windows and patio doors which are also have plants in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Portland, Oregon. Pella Windows will ship all over the U.S. from various manufacturing locations.

Simonton Windows are manufactured in their headquarters in Columbus Ohio. They ship all over the U.S. from one location. Speaking of Simonton, something to keep in mind is they are currently (at the time of this post July 2016) in a class action lawsuit for seal failure & fogged windows (more detail on this up-and-coming in another post).

NT Window are manufactured in their Dallas/Fort Worth manufacturing plant right here in our great state of Texas. NT Window will also ship to surrounding states. As a Texas resident and a transplant, we Texans take great pride in supporting and buying products that are made right here in Texas. This may sound just a little biased, but as Texans, we will openly confess this.

Cost Comparison of These Replacement Windows

  • Anderson Renewal Renewal by Andersen Logo

This is where a huge difference can be seen between replacement window prices as have been reported by homeowners. We’ll start here with Anderson . Price: The Anderson Renewal Windows Cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $2,500 + per window opening.

Most homeowners are most certainly shocked to find out that they are paying over $24,000 to replace just 12 windows or so (as in the example provided above). This is a lot of money that will take over 20 years to recouping the savings in energy efficiency. Be sure to visit this link with Renewal by Andersen Reviews which I found to provide some great insight and honest to be quite an eye opener. We are hearing feedback like many we read in the reviews from homeowners here in the Houston metro area as we reach and meet with them to provide an in-home estimate.

  • Pella Vinyl Replacement Windows Pella Windows Logo

Many homeowners opt to go the Pella route because they have heard of them, they simply have a big name and get a lot of their business from name recognition, which is huge in the replacement window business. Homeowners who have heard of the name are more likely to request an estimate. Cost: the Pella Window Cost seems to cost a bit less at $800 – $1,500 per window opening. Additionally, the Pella Window brand enjoys a great country wide reputation for quality products.

  • Simonton Replacement Windows Simonton Windows Logo

Simonton vinyl replacement windows are not nearly as pricey as the Anderson and Pella brands. They do not offer the expensive options that the other windows do such as real wood interior trim which you will find greatly increases the cost of each window unit. Cost: you can expect to pay from the $500 – $1,200 range per window opening depending on your window sizes, layout and options.

  • NT Windows NT Window Logo

NT Windows just like Simonton, does not offer many of the fancy real woodgrain interior options. They do however, offer a simulated interior woodgrain trim which is most pleasing to the eye. With that said, they will not be as costly as real wood nor will they ever rot like real wood can.  Cost: Expect to pay anywhere from the $500 – $1,200 range per window opening, depending of course, on the options you select. We have found that most homeowners in Texas are not wanting a simulated or a real wood grain look on the interior of their home. But, if they do want this, NT Window has an option which is not nearly as pricey as other windows for an interior simulated woodgrain and it comes in pleasing frame colors such as tan, white and bronze as well! Additionally, NT Window enjoys a great local reputation.

Replacement Window Options

Glass / Frame / Grids

This is where you get to make some additional choices and personalization and potentially spend lots of money and drive up the cost of the windows if you are not careful (or if you so desire to). Some feedback we have been receiving from many homeowners when it comes to window options, that although the representative will quickly offer these more expensive upgrades. What we have found is that most homeowners are only wanting a basic window with possibly with a nice add-on such as grids or colored window frames. Options such as these, do not drive up the price to a point beyond what is reasonable and affordable for most and will typically add 10-15% to the cost of the windows. Additionally we are finding that most homeowners are looking for increased energy efficiency vs fancy upgrades that quickly drive up the price of their windows.

Many homeowners, once they realize the prices of  these costly add-ons, such as interior wood, and taking into consider that making up the cost can take up to 10 years to finally start seeing window replacement savings, they opt for a simple, more basic window option. Homeowners in a high-dollar homes might be more like to upgrade with these more costly add-ons which might be right inline with their budget and design ideas. Keep in mind that because the manufacturers do not receive a lot of orders with these upgrades, their is a very noticeable jump in price (30-60%) for those custom options (not to deter you from asking for these options, but something to be aware of, if you are wanting to keep the cost down).

Replacement Window Warranties

Window warranties is an area where you can really see the difference in manufacturers as when it comes down to it, the warranty tells you a lot about how much faith each manufacture has in their product they are offering.  As you will find and may even be a bit surprised about is what each window manufacturer is willing to offer, I for one consider this information quite revealing and an important part of the window selection decision. Below we offer proof by including each window manufacturer’s warranty below in screenshot as well as a link to their websites to ensure you are seeing the most current version of their warranty and you can see for yourself. So here we go revealing the information most homeowners might find surprising to learn as they research and consider new windows for their home. This important warranty information is as follows:

Anderson Window Warranty Anderson Window Warranty

We found the Andersen Renewal Fibrex window warranty most surprising as we were expecting much more from the famed window brand. This window warranty offers two years for installation, 10 years for for hardware (such as locks, latches, hinges balance and other window mechanism components) and 20 years for glass and Fibrex frame materials.

Wow, are you as surprised as we were in finding this information? If so, you read it correctly. For one of the most expensive and well-known replacement windows on the market these days, this is the warranty the famed Andersen Window manufacturer is offering. Hmm…

So let’s be completely honest and please share your thoughts below regarding the warranty Anderson is offering, we’d love to hear from you? If you ask us, it should be more in line as to what is being offered by their competitors, see below.


Pella Window Warranty Pella Window Warranty

The folks over at Pella Windows offer their own warranty for the vinyl replacement windows that they market. The warranty is started on their website as a “Lifetime Warranty”.  Here is the Pella Window PDF link with all of the details in the warranty and what they are and are not willing to cover. To sum it up, it is titled “Non glass Materials and Workmanship. Nontransferable Limited Lifetime Warranty”

After reviewing this warranty, we found the Pella coverages to be a bit confusing for a lifetime warranty which they are stating.  What we found is that you will receive two years for labor, this is only for the original purchaser/homeowner only and does not carry over to new owners if the home is sold. This is just one way the warranty can confuse and the Pella warranty can be easily misunderstood.


Simonton Window Warranty Simonton Window Warranty

The Simonton replacement window claims a “double lifetime warranty”. What we found they mean by this is the lifetime of the original owner and the next subsequent owner. The Simonton warranty seems to fare much better than the Anderson and Pella warranties. You will quickly notice that the warranty is quite descriptive and outlined well to make clear as to what is covered and what is not. Here is a quick outline that you can also see in the screenshot as well:

  • Vinyl Material – Double Lifetime
  • Hardware – Double Lifetime
  • Screens – Double Lifetime
  • Glass – 20 Years (pro-rated)
  • Glass Breakage – three Years
  • Laminated glass – 20 Years

As can be clearly seen, Simonton Windows has the better warranty over Renewal by Andersen and Pella, well, in our opinion. However, with the latest Simonton Window Class Action Lawsuit for seal failure, you might want to check into this as you consider your options.


NT Window Warranty NT Window Warranty

Our final warranty for comparison in this post is NT Window. As you can imagine, we are all now quite curious about what this final option is offering when it comes to their warranty. We found the NT Window Warranty to be one of the best on the market today. Below we will go over the NT Window PDF warranty as we have outline what is offered by this Texas-based replacement window manufacturing company.

NT Windows offers the “Double Lifetime Warranty” like Simonton Window. Although NT Window does not use the marketing phrase the same, they are offering a “Lifetime Warranty” which is transferrable to the next subsequent owner. So, you might say that NT Window offers a “Double Lifetime Warranty” on their manufactured products. The biggest difference they have over the Simonton, are underlined and listed in Red below for your viewing and comparison.

  • Vinyl Material – Double Lifetime
  • Hardware – Double Lifetime
  • Screens – Double Lifetime
  • Glass – Lifetime
  • Glass Breakage – Lifetime
  • Laminated Glass – Lifetime

Conclusion & Winner

NT Window! We hope you have found this comprehensive window choice comparison informative and helpful as you review information and consider all of the facts and warranties offered by the various manufactures. We have great reason to believe that what the NT Window offers is by far, the best warranty and window for the money. So, it’s not only that NT Windows are made right here in North Texas, but there are other good reasons to consider this option due to their warranty and window performance. Yep, “y’all” heard that correctly, a great window, with a great warranty, made right here in our great state of Texas.

As a transplant Texan myself, I do believe that we can agree that this is a good thing for Texas! Andersen, Pella or Simonton Replacement Windows are good viable options as well.  NT Window that is made in Texas comes standard with Super Spacer and Double Strength Glass standard for superior performance in the Texas climate! Please share your thoughts, opinions and findings, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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