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Love or Hate it, this vinyl siding product is here to stay!

Siding products have come and gone and yet vinyl siding still remains the dominant siding product used throughout the US. Bob Vila from This Old House states “….today’s vinyl siding is weather- and insect-proof, fade-resistant, and virtually indestructible under normal circumstances” Houston TX homeowners simply like that fact that they will never have to paint their home exterior again. And that can add up to some big savings.

For that matter and the fact that vinyl siding generally cost about 25% less than let’s say Hardie Siding or LP SmartSide Siding, homeowners often like this choice over the other siding products. Additionally, what vinyl has over the other siding options is the Insulation R-value qualities it offers which results in energy savings year round. This is yet another plus over all of the other home exterior siding product available on the market today.

Features of Insulated Solid Core Vinyl Siding

Features of Insulated Solid Core Vinyl Siding

Install It and Forget It!

In southeast Texas, vinyl siding is one the most popular choices for remodeling and new construction.  It delivers the appearance of wood without the costly time consuming maintenance and painting of other siding options.

This product will not split, peel, rot or ever become dated. Because the color of the siding product is consistent through the entire panel, it never needs to be scraped, stained or time spent with re painting. If you notice at the photo to the right how just under the siding is a foam product? This makes the panel sturdy and is stiff with an insulation with an R-value of 4, that will help keep you home more energy efficient.

If you live in the Houston TX metro area, you will find that Vinyl Siding is not as popular as in some other areas of the country. However, the vinyl siding product is much more popular in the outskirts in areas of Houston like East Texas and closer to the Galveston coast. You will find this it true because homeowners in the outskirts of Houston want a home exterior that is hassle and maintenance-free. These homeowners know the value of having an energy efficient home and a siding product like Vinyl Siding that will give them more freedom for many years to come. No need to ever paint and the added value of energy efficiency is what still attracts homeowners to the siding product.

AMAZING Stacked Stone Lifetime Vinyl Siding – Many Colors

Stacked Stone Vinyl Siding Panel

Stacked Stone Vinyl Siding

The vinyl Stacked Stone siding option, provides the look of the widely imitated natural stone. It has a revolutionary realistic and distinguished look from old-world masonry stacked stones.

This Stacked Stone siding is master crafted using templates with life-like stone textures from real stone providing amazing textures and color variations. This process creates an unprecedented authentic look and with the proprietary coating system, it is  enhanced for longevity and brilliance that will last for many years to come.

Homeowners often tell us that they had no idea that this product is made from vinyl. They will often touch it in unbelief as they admire the stunning beauty of this natural looking siding product.

The vinyl Stacked Stone product is a great alternative for budget-minded homeowners and it comes with a Lifetime Product Warranty that is unparalleled in the siding industry.

With its authentic stone like replica look, this siding is a wonderful warm and welcoming product that provides your home with low maintenance and a beautiful look that will last. Top it off with professional installation from Texas Home Exteriors and a beautiful, distinguished, vintage look provides an upgrade to any Texas home exterior that will last for years to come.

The Home Below Has Lap and Stacked Stone Vinyl Siding!

According to Google Trends, Vinyl Siding is still searched on the internet about 3 times more Hardie Siding.  According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, many home builders throughout the US are still choosing to use vinyl siding. As recent technological advancements have enabled manufacturers to develop products with a variety of nearly 325 certified color options as well as more impressive surface textures and design options for unique and realistic look for your Houston Texas area home.

WOW! Stacked Stone and Vinyl Siding

Stacked Stone and Vinyl Siding. Both Vinyl Siding Products

Designers on popular programs as well as historical societies are using the vinyl option for various renovation projects around the United States because of the durability, architectural detail and amazing array of color options available from this siding product.

Lead Designer, Kim Lewis, of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, recently participated on a project.  After a massive tornado devastated a town in Missouri in 2011, the project was to rebuild homes. Lewis stated, “At first I was skeptical, but we were able to bring forward character-driven design on each of the home’s exteriors with vibrant colors and architectural enhancing elements.

After spending some time with the material, I have a more positive outlook on vinyl siding” and what is offered. The siding product is now offering at least a 30 year or more lifespan and eliminating the need to paint, stain or replace a decaying siding product. No wonder that more and more homebuilders have been choosing to simplify by choosing to have the vinyl siding product installed over any other siding option on the market today.

Montabella Lifetime Vinyl Log Siding By KayCan Industries

KayCan Log Siding Lifetime Vinyl Siding

KayCan Log Siding, A Lifetime Vinyl Siding Product


Just imagine, if you had a home on the lake or in the country, how nice would it be to have lifetime maintenance-free Log Siding installed on your home.

Many Texas homeowners are so surprised to find out that this home and many homes we have installed siding on like this, are not real log siding. They come to find out, that it is the lifetime Vinyl Log Siding product offered only by KayCan Vinyl Siding Products!

Montebello log siding wall systems have the durability and strength of vinyl along with the distinctive warmth, rustic style and beauty of a wood log siding.

It has a low gloss natural wood grain look and is built to last. This is a vinyl siding product that will not crack, dent or split. It is meant to be maintenance free for the lifetime of your Texas home.

Additionally, Montebello log vinyl Siding is mold, rot and mildew resistant with the incorporation of Perform Guard, their patented foam additive for insect and termite resistance. This lifetime foam is a breathing and insulating wall board with an R-value to help keep your home more energy efficient and saving money year after year on your Texas utility bills.

Montebello is a great option providing very low maintenance alternative to real wood with no painting, no staining and no wood preservatives required means more time to relax and enjoy your Texas home!

Ease of Installation Equals Lower Cost

The type installation of your siding can often reflect the total cost of installation for your job. For instance, when traditional siding product like fiber cement is installed, a contractor will have to remove the old product, install a vapor barrier, it will then need to be caulked, primed and painted with a few coats of good paint all to be installed properly. With lifetime vinyl siding, the installation is less because there a few steps that you don’t have to take such as, removal of your homes old siding, installation of a vapor barrier, caulk and paint. This is often something that is often never considered and will greatly lower your cost of your siding job.

home energy savings TexasUtility Bills & Painting Savings

Painting Savings: Something to think about, you have to cost of painting your home every let’s say every 10 years of $2,500. That is a cost of $250 every year that you own that home just in painting cost alone. So if you have received painting estimates of $2,500 to repaint your home and now did not have to ever do so, that will result in a savings of $250 every year! This savings is something that you could be putting back into your pocket should you have installed Vinyl Siding instead of a product that you have to paint.

Utility Savings of Vinyl Siding: Now let’s talk about the savings that you will see because you have installed a siding product with an overall added R-Value of 4. Most walls on homes throughout North America are built with 2X4″ wall studs. This will create a 3.5″ cavity (space) that is created between the sheetrock and outer wall sheathing. This will allow for installing 3.5″ insulation batting to be stuffed  in that area that equals an R-value of 13. Now you can add the added R 4 of Insulated vinyl siding that was installed plus that fact that you home is now more airtight . This added insulation and airtightness will no doubt offer your home further utility bill savings that you will enjoy as well making installing this product one of the best home improvement decisions ever!

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