Cypress Texas HardiPlank and Scalloped Hardie Siding Job

Beautiful HardiPlank and Hardie Scallops Siding Complete Home Exterior Upgrade in Cypress Texas

Texas Home Exteriors upgraded this Cypress TX home with HardiPlank 8″ Lap Hardie Siding adding siding accents the front balcony gable with Hardie Half Round “scalloped” siding. When we met with the homeowner they were looking for a way to dress up their home and give it more dimension, surface texture and finish.

When you are in the market to update and or replace the siding on your home, consider adding the beautiful look of scallop siding to a smaller area to give it a nice accent and set your home apart from the rest, go from looking plain to just simply fabulous!

The images below display the charm of this farmhouse with the shingle profile accents. For the paint on their home, these homeowners selected Sherwin-Williams eggshell 25 Year Super Paint in color selections of the following that are quite pleasing: Downing Sand #SW2822 for the Hardie and Scallops siding gable and walls, and then they selected Dover White #SW6385 for the trim as an accent color on their Cypress Texas home. As you can see, in the 2nd photo below, the color combination they selected offers a nice contrast to the farmhouse.

During Hardie Siding Installation

During HardiePlank Siding Installation

During HardiPlank Hardie Siding Installation


After HardiPlank and Hardie Scallop Siding

Wow, what a big difference adding the Scallops along with the new HardiePlank siding made to the home. This update looks amazing and with the homeowners choice of new Sherwin-Williams colors for the home, added to the look as well.

The colors used on the home are Sherwin-Williams “Downing Sand” on the siding and Sherwin-Williams “Dover White” for the trim providing a beautiful updated paint colors choices for their home’s new Hardie Scalloped Half Round Siding. This makes for a beautiful new look and style to their Cypress TX home!

After James Hardie (HardiePlank) and Scallop Siding Installation

After James Hardie (HardiePlank) and Scallop Siding Installation


Completed HardiePlank and Scalloped Half Round Siding Installation in Cypress  Texas

You can see in the images, the nice lines that the James Hardie HardiePlank Lap Siding, with the HardieShingle Half Round “Scalloped” Siding as an accent on the balcony gable, gives this farm house a very charming and cozy look.  A variety of shingle accent options are available for your Cypress, Spring, Lake Livingston, Houston The Woodlands, Tomball TX home.

Not only will your new HardiPlank and James Hardie HardieShingle siding give your home a facelift and updated look but additionally will provide you home with better energy efficiency and you will get outdoor noise reduction with the Tyvek Thermawrap Reflective Radiant Barrier we install under your HardiePlank Siding.  Texas Home Exteriors is proud to offer James  Hardie Siding Products and Tyvek ThermaWrap to homeowners in southeast Texas resulting in a beautifully updated home and certain to be the envy of the neighborhood!

James Hardie (HardiePlank) and Scallop Siding Installation In Cypress by Texas Home Exteriors

James Hardie (HardiePlank) and Scallop Siding Installation In Cypress by Texas Home Exteriors

Ceiling and Post that we Caped with HardiePlank Siding Trim

Note the attention to detail with the two nicely contrasting paint colors on the home. We will do the same for your home providing care and detail giving your home a new and beautiful facelift. Contrasting colors give a home, that may have started out looking plain and flat, a lively look with dimension and texture.

Woodgrain Hardie Trim and Soffit

Woodgrain Hardie Trim and Soffit With Caped Post


A Close Up View of the Wood Grain HardieTrim we Installed

Close Up View of the Wood Grain Hardie Trim and Soffit

Close Up View of the Wood Grain Hardie Trim and Soffit With Nicely Capped Post


Siding Use On Sidewalls

HardiePlank Cedarmill Siding Installed On The Sidewalls of this home in the Cypress TX area. Below is a close up image showing the wood grain embossment of the HaridePlank Cedarmill Lap Siding.

James Hardie Select Cedarmill HardiePlank Siding

Close Up Of The James Hardie Select Cedarmill HardiePlank Siding


Job Duration 

This James Hardie siding job took about a week for start to finish to complete. Most of our siding jobs take about a week on average depending on the home size etc. 


Final Thoughts

If you found a siding product and or pattern on a home that you find pleasing, take a photo of it with and show it to us when we meet with you. We can get as creative as you want with your home exterior siding project. You can mix and match any pattern that makes sense for your home to customize the look you want for your home.

Call or email us for a Free No-Pressure Estimate from Texas Home Exteriors at: 281.919.699 or email: and we will get back with you right away.

The famed Texas EZ Pay 1% Financing is a Great Option for getting the job done without having to using your savings. This has become quite the rave among Texans that live in Cypress. 

Here is an example how our financing works: For a $9,200 Hardie Siding job, your payment will only cost you a $92 per month! Now, how cool is that? This is a great financing option for new HardiPiank Siding for your Cypress Texas home. Thank you from Texas Home Exteriors Inc


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