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Family History – George Greg Kapitan Golden Age Comic Book Writer

George Kapitan Carl Burgos

My father, George Kapitan (left) seen with is new bride, Rose Kapitan and co worker, Carl Burgos and his wife.

As you might be reading my many posts here on Texas Home Exteriors about home improvement, keep in mind that many of my inspiration and creativity comes from my father. I have honored him in this post with the information I am sharing below.

This website page is dedicated to honor my Father George G. Kapitan, his creative ability and the gift he left that can bee seen from his contributions to “The Golden Age of Comic Books“. Folks have often said to me, you are quite creative”.

I credit this ability and passion to my father and his creative side as I witnessed this reflecting in the many things he did as his child growing up. This he did with an ongoing example woven throughout my childhood as he continued this creativity through his life expressing his ability to think outside of the box in so many creative ways.

Life With Dad

Growing up the son of George G Kapitan, I observed his brilliance in many of his daily living interests whether it be his interests in gardening, painting, fishing, our home exterior, landscaping or, of course, his famed writing abilities showcasing his unique creativeness.

My father, George Kapitan, comic book writer contributor, was involved with the comic book industry during the nineteen forties for some time along with his friend and colleague, Carl Burgos working and creating together.  I have memories of my father riding the train into NYC for his job specifically at Charm Craft, Timely Comics  and Marvel.

This is where (George Kapitan) created as the George Kapitan writer of Black Widow and Harry Shale as one of the many Women of Marvel Comics. Her also had other jobs that he had in his profession as a writer and creator. Note; Timely Comics is the 1940’s predecessor of Marvel during the golden age of comics.

My mother, Rose Olivo Kapitan would rise early in the morning from our home in Northport Long Island to drive him to the train station to ride the Long Island Railroad LIRR into New York City where many of his writing jobs were located.

This is where he would work long hours until the end of the day, then riding the LIRR back home, returning to the train station where my mother would be waiting to transport him home each day. He would return home often finding a nice warm dinner mom had lovingly prepared and waiting for him.

George Kapitan Green Giant Comic Book

I remember him showing me this Green Giant Comic Book that he worked on with his writing abilities.

He would often share with my two older sisters, all about his day’s experiences and the projects he was involved in while away at his job in New York City’s downtown area of Manhattan.

Sometimes he would spend time writing in his home office space created in a portion of their master bedroom in our home in Northport.

When a home, I remember him asking me to bring him a cold beer up from the refrigerator to enjoy as he continued focusing on his work. George Kapitan not only did writing but also drafting, penciling and calligraphy, a rare art almost forgotten today.

On the right, you can see just one example of his many famed comic book writings developed the Green Giant created by George Kapitan along with his coworker Harry Sahle doing the artwork for the creative work. This was in 1940 for Pelican Publications Green Giant #1 produced by Funnies Inc a Comic Book packager for the publishers to test and to see the reaction of the readers to see if was a marketable creation.

Needless to say, he was very proud of this work he felt passionate about creating and participated in for many years during The Golden Age of Comic Books. You can some of the work reproduced and available on Amazon, George Kapitan’s writing still being shared today along with works by his fellow co workers and their collaborative efforts.

An Odd Bunch of Creative Individuals

It was during the time of the second World War when my father was drafted into service as so many of the young men were at that time. Only to be rejected due to hearing loss issues that were inherited.

Back in the these times, if you were not fighting for your country, you were considered an outcast and often folks would ask him, “why are you writing comics and not fighting in the war?” His response was often..”I was rejected due to my hearing loss so I am contributing by writing in comic books”.

George would share his passion about writing comic books, often receiving responses from people such as “why don’t you get a real job?”, rejecting his creative passion to not being legitimate work.

This rejection with the mass of the people around him, I believe, led him to ponder ideas he would express and share through his writing and creation of his comic book characters and stories. The other men that he would associate with through his work associations and friendships were like-minded and all very talented and creative types.

A Creative Team

He spent time associating with these unique and creative individuals, like himself, who would find ample opportunity to bond and and create during their conversation over drinks, joking and laughter. I remember some of these friends coming to our home playing cards and conversing about comic book characters late into the nights with laughter and and a smoke-filled room that was so common back in the 1960’s.

The 1990’s

George Kapitan and the Green GiantGeorge Kapitan spent much of his retirement enjoying living the retired life in Panama City Beach Florida. He lived with his wife Rose in a subdivision that was on the bay.

He would often walk down to the water’s edge and find driftwood that has washed up ashore. We would often paint them with family members names and give them to us as well as other friends and acquaintances.

Here in the photo to the right, you can see him at 75 years old (approx) holding up a sketched copy of the Green Giant that George Kapitan played an important part in creating. This photo was taking in the early 1990’s.


Update 10/14/2017

George Kapitan’s wife Rose Kapitan passed away at the age of 94 on, June 21st 2017 in Pensacola Florida. 

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    I remember Mr. Kapitan when he would come into my office, (1995) then located on Panama City Beach. We would talk and he’d share little stories from his life. I remember handling those fragile comics of his and making copies for him. It was a privilege to do that for him. He even made me a little necklace, which I still have to this day! I was trying to tell my family about those times and I am glad you have made a website so I can now show them. Thanks!

    • Sue,

      Wow, thank you for your thoughts and what you have shared about my father. I need to post more on his life and his unique pioneering past. Today what is in the movie theaters is what folks like my father started many years ago! Warm regards…

      Greg Kapitan

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