Outdoor Decks and Decking Options for Houston TX

Treated Wood, Trex and Composite Decking

trex composite decking

Trex Composite Decking

The weather is nice and you are wanting a deck in your yard. Have you ever considered how a deck can open up your home’s outdoor living space or outdoor room? If you live in the Houston TX metro area, an Outdoor Deck can improve your home enjoyment many times over. Your backyard can be an entirely new space to entertain guests or a great place for you and your family to retreat to from the everyday grind and just relax.

Treated wood decking is just one of the decking choices available to homeowners, another option being composite decking (lumber). There are more options below. 


The Differences Between Wood and Composite Decking

When it’s time to replace and or build a new deck, one might consider the difference between these two decking materials, wood and composite decking choices. For instance, treated lumber can have some additional upkeep such as periodically staining your deck about every 2-3 years as well as sealing of the deck surface every few years.  The treated wood option will typically last between 15 – 20 years.  

With Trex, a composite decking surface, is an option that Houston Texas homeowners will enjoy for many years with its maintenance-free service made from 95% recyclable materials. Unlike wood, this type of composite decking will never need to be stained or sealed. It comes pre-finished with a variety of color selections to choose from.


Trex Composite Decking Color Choice Options

Trex Composite Decking Colors

Trex Composite Decking Colors

This is where it gets fun! When it comes time to consider the style of your outdoor setting, you’ll get to ponder some different wood and color choices. You can get as creative as you desire by mixing colors or by simply using one of the main colors already offered as many homeowners elect to do.

All of the Trex decking colors have a lovely deep wood grain embossment texture that is certain to please you, your family and guests. See the Trex decking samples below for just a few color options available to you. 

This is a great opportunity to consider many of the exciting deck options. Take your time and think about the contrasting colors and how they will work with your home. You will be surprised at how much a new deck has the influence to transform your backyard into a great space of whatever you had in mind. With this newly created space, you can entertain family and great for many years to come. Many memories are on their way to your backyard. 


Trex Decking Houston Texas Home Exteriors

Trex Decking Houston Texas

Trex Decking Photos

Below you will find several photos that may inspire you with ideas for your new outside room or space decking considerations. 

Remember to keep in mind the impression of a grand deck can providing with its warm and inviting feel. Note how the lights on the steps in the image below illuminate the way, this is a great added feature with lighting options. You can easily have dimmers that can be adjusted according to your heart’s desire! 


Trex Deck Texas Home Exteriors Inc Houston

Trex Deck Texas Home Exteriors Inc Houston

Decking Estimate

When Texas Home Exteriors visits your Houston TX home, we will bring samples of the composite decking so you can take time and choose the perfect color for you space.

Below are a few photos displaying this beautiful deck that can be installed for you providing your home with a beautiful new outdoor lounging area. Go ahead, invite the neighbors and your friends, you will be glad you did. 

As you know, everyone feels welcomed and loves a nice backyard deck and with the Trex Composite Decking. And remember, you will never have to replace rotted wood again!

Here at Texas Home Exteriors we make it affordable with our famed Texas Easy Pay 1% Financing with instant approval for your new Trex Deck in the Houston Texas metro area!

Thank you from all of at Texas Home Exteriors!