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Louisiana-Pacific Hits 52-Week High NASDAQ Reports

Great News For Louisiana-Pacific LP

While in route driving to oversee a siding project in The Woodlands Texas, I received a phone call from my wife Shelly with excitement in her voice as she shared some good news she’d found in following a certain stock in the stock market. She expressed how the market recently reacted to Louisiana Pacific Corporation “LP” (LPX) experiencing an increase of 21% in Siding sales NASDAQ reports as well as closing at 52-week high of $17.98 on May 18th. The Louisiana-Pacific Corporation stock (LPX) is yielding yielding a solid year-to-date return of 8.6%. Needless to say, we are excited about this news about the positive stock change for Louisiana Pacific Corporation.

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Here at Texas Home Exteriors, we are involved in the residential side of the siding business as roughly 40% of all of our remodeling and home improvement siding, windows and roofing replacement business. We are honored to have earned and be awarded as our current status with Louisiana Pacific, the LP Build Smart Remodeler Platinum status.  This was great news for us about the manufacturer of products we proudly promote and install. The jump in stock price is reportedly due to several factors in the market place including the Siding segment reporting an increased sales volumes across all of its business including housing, repair, retail remodel as well as commercial. These recent increases helped to drive the Louisiana Pacific Corporation stock price up.

SmartSide Siding Leading The Way

It is the engineered wood products, such as the famed LP SmartSide Siding, that inadvertently lead the way in increased sales as well as lower resin cost lead to yet more profitability. In fact, share price of this first rate supplier of wood based building materials has been on the upside since the company announced much better than expected first quarter 2015 results on May 5th and has since then gained a solid 4.5% in the markets as reported by NASDAQ. The company is optimistic about building even more momentum in the home improvement market in the upcoming quarters with expectations of higher demand of their products with plans of its Swan Valley mill to start SmartSide production later this year to accommodate the increasing demand.

The siding business has seen the biggest jump due to strong sales across the nation due to marketing efforts and warm reception of the SmartSide Siding products offered by Louisiana Pacific Corporation LP Building Products. I can share from personal experience that homeowners across the state of Texas love the SmartSide Siding product offered by LP as apposed to many other options offered to them in the siding market place. We have noticed a significant increase in interest of the SmartSide Siding products as homeowners have done their own research on the internet witnessing for themselves, the many favorable reports and siding reviews.  Learn more about LP SmartSide siding.


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  1. Kelly Smith says:

    Hello Texas Home exteriors! LP smart siding is gaining ground in sales and that is to be believed what is driving their stock price up.

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