Replacement Window Options- Colors Glass Grids

Replacement window selections that you will enjoy for years to come!

With so many window glass, grids and color options to choose from, it can be quite confusing as many of our customers have told us. That is why at Texas Home Exteriors we offer a variety of color choices and grids with a wide assortment of styles and patterns so you can find exactly what you need to coordinate with the architecture and style of your home.

Replacement Window Lock Color Options

Your Replacement Window Lock Color Options

Replacement Window Lock Options

You can choose from a variety of lock options to match with existing hardware in your home. Or you can come up with colors that you aesthetically pleasing.

With our low-E glass and Argon Gas glass options available on select vinyl replacement window brands you can customize your windows to be more energy efficient. We’ll show you a portfolio of unique styling options that allow you to create a look that is distinctively your own. We will have samples when we come out so you can see for yourself what works for you and your home.

Interior laminates window jambs provide the rich warmth of wood grain in Antique Cherry, Maple, Contemporary Oak or the crisp and clean simplicity of Pure White or Tan. Enhance your Southeast Texas home curb appeal with exterior coatings in a variety of colors (not all colors and patterns are available on all lines of vinyl energy efficient replacement windows, so please check for availability). Due to the limitations of the Internet and computer monitors, actual vinyl replacement window colors may vary.

Replacement Window Glass Option

Replacement Window Glass Option Chart

Window Glass Frosting Options

Looking at the chart to the left, you can choose a glass option that you have in mind. Would you like glass transparency or have some more privacy? We have many glass options to choose from such as rain glass, and obscure glass.

Texas Home Exteriors provides a variety of vinyl replacement window samples for you to see to help assist you in making your final vinyl replacement window selection for new windows for your Houston Texas home.

Choosing Your New Texas Window Grid Patterns

Now is your turn to pick out a window grid option that best suits your taste and style. Consider your house and the time that it was built.

Generally, grid patterns should match in all the windows on the same floor and on the same side of the house. This is often the norm and is something that we at Texas Home Exteriors recommend. Needless to say you can get creative as you want with your new energy efficient vinyl replacement windows, however have all the same grid pattern in encouraged. Here are a few window grid patterns to consider: diamond, colonial, and perimeter.

Replacement Window Grid Options

Replacement Window Grid Options Chart

This way, when you view the home from the exterior, you have a unified look on every outside wall.

Often Houston homeowners will have grids on the front of the home only and the none on the remaining windows. This is like shutters, you don’t necessarily need them on every wall.

This is your time to choose what grid combination works best for your Houston Texas metro area home! We are here for you when your are ready to replace your windows.

Replacement Window Color Options

Window Color Options

Many Window Color Options To Choose From

This is a great time to consider the replacement window colors that will be inside and outside of your home.

You can choose to have a woodgrain finish inside such as, oak, provincial, cherry and antique and a solid color on the outside such as white, tan, almond, brown or bronze.

When Texas Home Exteriors comes to visit with you for a free no pressure estimate, we will be bringing samples of all of the colors and woodgrains for you to look at and make a choice that you will be pleased with.

These window options will enhance your home and be pleasing to the eyes. By making the right color and woodgrain combinations, this will enhance the beauty of your Houston Texas home for many years to come. Take your time and select the window glass and color options that you will be pleased with.

Keep your money in your bank account. Instead of paying cash for your new replacement windows, why not use our Texas EZ Pay 1% Financing only from Texas Home Exteriors. Here is an example, a $4,500 replacement window job will only cost $45 a month with instant our approval. This is a great way to improve your home and keep the cash in the bank! Thank you from all of us at Texas Home Exteriors as we have the best choice for your window glass grids and color options.

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