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Home Builders Installing LP SmartSide Siding On The Rise


Home Builder Houston Texas Today many professional home builders are choosing to install LP SmartSide siding during the construction of new homes. Many homeowners and contractors may ask why they are choosing LP SmartSide over other products? One thing for certain is that the builders are trying to achieve a high level of energy efficiency and stability in the homes they build for homeowners. 

By installing the LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, many home builders are able to maintain the strict standards of several energy efficiency programs while building quality custom homes which are strong and will withstand the elements better. A key factor in the construction of these homes is the use of LP SmartSide Trim and Siding.  The product looks nice and is easier to install than other products, for instance, the product can be cut just like wood and does not require special cutting equipment such as those needed for fiber cement products. Additionally, the LP product relies on sustainable, fast-growing trees to engineer a quality siding product. 

Home Builders Across The Country Switching To LP SmartSide Siding

Regent Homes 

Regent Homes, currently the sixth largest builder in Nashville, has started using LP SmartSide. This builder has used a number of different building materials over the years, but after experiencing various problems with the fiber cement siding, Regent Homes switched to SmartSide siding. Davis McGowen, the president of the company decided it was time to try something different. They reported having problems with the durability of fiber cement as well as trouble  getting the manufacturer to stand behind their warranty.  They started using LP SmartSide over a year ago and now will not use anything else in the construct their new homes.

Regent homes is committed to traditional neighborhood developments and its timeless architectural designs. This builder targets its communities toward specific consumer groups from various income levels. The president if this company relies on siding as an integral part of the exterior designs.

Regent is very impressed with LP’s industry-leading 5/50 Year Limited Warranty, which includes a 5-year replacement labor and material feature. One of the benefits which sold McGown on LP SmartSide was the fact that his crews could use regular tools and did not need to purchase specialty tools to install the product. Also, the crews did not have to be so concerned with damaging the product during installation due to its durability. McGowen says that LP SmartSide can take daily job site wear and tear and not show it.

The LP SmartSide siding comes in longer lengths which makes for fewer seams. Regent was so impressed with the product, they are now using several LP Products on their new home construction. In addition to using the siding product, they have also started using LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing, LP TopNotch  Sub-Flooring and LP  SolidStart  LSL and LVL. All of these product are part of Regent Homes energy smart program.

Hardaway Construction 

Hardaway Construction, a leading builder in the southern United States, recently constructed a 6,500 square foot school in Tennessee and they did this in less than a week using LP SmartSide products. Project managers, Byron Olsen and Darrell Etheridge met early on and determined a need for a high degree of efficiency on the project, both agreeing to use LP products. Hardaway Construction likes LP SmartSide Siding & Trim, LP SolidStart LSL and LP TechShield Radiant Barrier products, all of these they selected and did they ever get the job done!

LP SolidStart LSL has several advantages over regular lumber such as it being stronger, straighter and having a more consistent moisture content which helps prevent warping and twisting. Since the product is engineered wood, it saved the company tons of time on the job site as there is no need to cut and work around imperfections and knots as you would with natural wood. This alone resulted in substantial reduction of time as well as wasted product.

Olsen and Etheridge both expressed they liked the fact that you could cut it and screw into it just as you would with normal lumber and also like the fact the product’s resistance to termites and fungal decay, this is due to LP’s proprietary SmartGuard manufacturing process. Once again, because the product comes in longer pieces, fewer pieces need to be handled by work crews making for less of the possibility of pieces getting destroyed.

Roth Homes

Roth Homes was looking for a way to achieve affordable homes without sacrificing quality. So the company decided to choose LP products because of its beauty, affordability and proven quality. The products they use are: LP  SolidStart  LSL, LP SolidStart LVL, LP SolidStart I-Joists and LP SolidStart Rim Board. Roth Homes Installed LP SmartSide Siding & Trim on their newly built homes with great results. Using these products has made a big difference for Roth homes.

They report that they are able to have less call-backs and are receiving better customer satisfaction ratings. According to Josh Edwards, president of Roth Homes, all of the framing products work well together and are more cost efficient than any other products they have used in the past. He also expressed that they do not have any complaints of floors settling since they started using the SolidStart I-Joists. Edwards also said that the wide flanges which help with the stability.

They don’t just use the LP products on the inside they use it on the outside as well. Roth homes uses LP SmartSide to help deliver a beautiful home to their customers. Edwards says it is easier to install and paint and the paint stays on.

Cornerstone Construction 

Cornerstone Construction, based out of Spokane Washington, was looking for a way to offer new homes with a high level of efficiency which would also be less expensive to maintain. Since LP SmartSide is made with sustainable, fast-growing trees and is engineered to be more durable and environmentally friendly, it was the obvious choice for Cornerstone to switch to.

Jeremy Brennan, of Cornerstone Construction said, aside from the product looking nice, it is much easier to install than any other product he has used in the past. He also shared that he likes the fact that LP SmartSide comes with a 5/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty and the five-year, 100 percent labor and replacement feature. Cornerstone’s customers enjoy that the LP product has less frequent upkeep, that it meets multiple standards of energy efficiency and it is certainly a plus that the LP products maintain high levels of sustainability.

Executive Homes

Executive Homes Builders has also decided to switch to LP Smart siding. After years of using fiber cement siding, the owner Pete Gray, was not happy with its performance. He said the installation process could be difficult, especially after normal job site wear and tear on the product. He was also looking for a product which was backed by strong technical support, had great performance and had a comprehensive warranty.

The company had been using SmartSide trim for years because for some time the fiber cement siding company had not offered it, so it only made sense to switch to SmartSide siding. After using it a few months, Gray said, SmartSide siding installations are durable and could be installed with common carpenter tools. After instillation he said it painted much easier and had fewer seams than any other product he had worked with in the past. His workers reported that it was light, strong and easy to handle on the job site.

TV Experts and LP SmartSide Siding

Not only are big companies making the switch, but some TV experts are switching to LP SmartSide as well. Jeff Wilson, Regular Guy, star of several programs on DIY Network and HGTV, recently decided to renovate his home in southeastern Ohio. He relied mainly on engineered wood products because they are more environmentally responsible. Wilson used LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing and other products like underlay and roofing. Oriented Strand Board was used on the walls, along with LP SmartSide Siding and Trim, LP SolidStart I-Joists and LP TopNotch 350 for sub-flooring. Once again Jeff Wilson says the LP SmartSide is easier to work with because of the longer length and far less seams. The SmartSide product can be cut with regular tools using basic construction techniques.  Wilson also stated that by using Gecko Gages he could easily handle a 16 foot piece by himself.

Why Are Home Builders Using LP SmartSide Siding?

Below are a few of the many reasons:

  • Ease of Installation
  • Much Less Breakage
  • Longer Warranty
  • Many LP Products Available  


In conclusion, there are several big companies who are making the switch not only to LP SmartSiding but other LP products. I have highlighted a few of the companies above but there are several more if you would like to read more such as KB Homes, DR Horton, Green Eco Builders and David Weekley Homes. Our research has found that LP products get high ratings for their ease of installation, durability and low maintenance. Not mention the outstanding warranty that comes with their products and the sustainability factor. It seems like more and more new home builders and contractors have and will continue to be switching to LP SmartSide siding products in the near future, just like Texas Home Exteriors and many others have. 

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  1. Springtown Roofer says:

    I have heard a lot about it and I have so many questions too, is it synthetic or natural? Is it durable? What about the cost factor as compared with fiber cement or even natural wood?

    • texashomeexteriors says:

      Springtown Roofer,

      Thanks for your comments and viable questions. Yes the LP SmartSide siding is durable. In my honest opinion it is one of the most strongest siding products on the market today! The cost compared to fiber cement is about the same. I hope that I have answered and concerns that you have? If not please let me know.


  2. Al says:

    Great siding article, thank you. Building a log home in the area of Montana has its share of challenges. But armed with average pricing per square foot and construction insights, a homeowner’s project can be much smoother.

  3. Dana Schnelle says:

    Good article. I was considering Fiber Cement siding for my home, but now will probably use LP Smart Siding. Thanks for the valuable information.

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