Texas EZ Pay 1% Financing for Siding, Windows & Roofing for Houston TX Homeowners!


$10,000 Job X 1% = $100 A Month!

$7,500 Job X 1% = $75 A Month! 

$15,000 Job X 1% = $150 A Month! 



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Apply NOW with our famed Texas EZPay. Home improvement projects can be financed for replacement windows, siding and roofing for Texas homeowners that live in the Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Katy and Southeast TX metro areas we service.

Our Texas EZ PAY Financing options takes only a few minutes to complete the application with approvals in 15 minutes or less for most cases. APPROVALS are easy with Texas EZ Pay program even if your credit is not perfect.

Here at Texas Home Exteriors, we have a wide variety of exciting options are available for Houston, TX metro area homeowners. We are here to help you get the financing you need and to complete your exterior home improvement project for siding, replacement windows or roofing start to finish!

Use Our Money Not Yours

Why take your own money out of your personal banking account when you can use our money. Consider this, why remove $10,000 from your savings, when for just a 1% monthly payment loan, your payment would ONLY cost you $100 a month! Even Personal finance experts advise homeowners to use other folks money rather than their own.

Your revolving credit account will allow you to get new Hardie or LP SmartSide Siding, Energy Efficient Replacement Windows or a new Roof Replacement on your home with no liensno closing costs and you will not be charged any  prepayment penalties if you choose to pay of the loan early! Choosing a loan with with no-lien provides security to you as a homeowner and this type of lending is much quicker than a traditional home improvement loan.


$8,500 Job = $85 per month payment

  • Click on the thumbs-up girl to apply
  • Fill out the 1% EZ Pay application
  • Approvals are FAST with EZ Pay!

With our Texas EZ Pay 1% Financing, you will have the opportunity to accept or reject any offer(s) you are approved for. Whether you are looking for financing for replacement windows, siding or roofing, Texas Home Exteriors will do our best to find a financing solution to meet your needs. Standard interest rate with Texas EZ Pay is 5.9%, now this is a great deal!


1% of the job cost: e.g. $8,500  (project) multiplied by 1% = $85 per month payment

Below are some Texas EZ Pay examples:

A Roof Replacement for
$8,700 = $87 per month
Hardi Siding for
$14,000 = $140 per month
Vinyl Windows for
$6,500 = $65 per month
A New Roof Texas Home Exteriors New Siding Texas Home Exteriors New Replacement Windows Texas Home Exteriors



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Houston Chronicle “Plan your home improvement project”

Here in the Houston Chronicle is an article where they talk about home improvement financing when remodeling your home. When reading the article they talk about financing your project part of the way down. One note here is that they talk about  is…”among the most popular is the equity line of credit that bases the loan amount on the equity in your home”. Keep in mind that type of loan requires closing coast and a lien placed on your home for the financing balance. With Texas EZ Pay we do NOT require any of that with our home improvement revolving finance account.


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NY Times:  “Growth Predicted in Home Renovations”

According to the NY Times, growth predicted home renovations financing is in a GROWTH stage as the overall economy rebounds. The expected growth is “double-digit” as homeowners across the country are staying put in their homes as financing cost and interest interest rates are low. Having said that, this is a great time to take advantage of home improvement financing for, siding replacement, such as Vinyl Siding, possibly a new roof or maybe updated vinyl replacement windows to help lower your utility bills.


wikihow home improvement loan




Wikihow has a great article on their website about How To Get a Home Improvement Loan. On that web page you will find some great advice and steps for any homeowner seeking funds for their project. Follow those tips for great financing options for both in Texas and nationwide.


For your security and protection, Texas Home Exteriors is a Registered Creditor with the Texas OCCC Office Consumer Credit Commissioner so your personal credit information is safe and secure with us. Texas EZ Pay Financing is a simple and secure solution only from, Texas Home Exteriors Inc.