Top 7 Benefits of Replacing Your Old Houston Texas Windows


Replacement Window Installer Crew

1 – You Will Notice Less Outside Noise – barking dogs, lawn mowers, noisy neighbors..

Have you ever wanted to call the HOA (homeowners association) committee and complain about excessive noise? By having two panes of glass there is much less of a chance of having any outside noise enter the inside of your home. Also, your new windows are filled with Argon Gas that is much more dense than air.

2 – Dust entering your home and AC unit will be much less

By having the extra needed weatherstriping on your new replacement windows, the outside dust entering your home will be much less. If you are experiencing allergies in the springtime, by keeping that fine pollen out of your home and ending up in your AC system you will experience less irritation.  Less tissues usage as well and that is always a good thing.

3 – No sun block needed

With clear single pane glass, the heat from the hot sun will come streaming in because there is no resistance to unwanted UV rays. When we install the double pane replacement windows, they are treated with a Low-E film that will reflect back the hot suns uv rays. No sun block will ever be needed when you sit by your new windows again.

4 – No more hot and cold rooms

cold and hot temperatures windows

Once the installation of your new insulated vinyl replacement windows is complete you will notice how the hot and cold rooms are gone. Many of Houston TX area homeowners have been happy to report this.

One of the reasons of this benefit is the new windows are filled with Argon Gas that is much more dense than air and acts as invisible insulation.

This makes it harder for the unwanted hot and cold temperatures to pass from one side of the window to another and enter your home.

Keeping the unwanted heat out in the summertime and heat in the wintertime is what you will enjoy year after year!

5 – Upgrade your windows – colors and lock choices

Window Hardware Camlocks

Window Hardware Cam locks Options

Brushed aluminum or polished brass locks? How about tan or bronze window frames? Now you can update those old drafty windows with new energy efficient replacement windows and have some options in choices for colors.

6 – Impress your TX neighbors

Don’t just keep up with the Jones, impress them with new argon gas filled, low-e glass vinyl replacement windows that are energy star rated.  Show off your new windows that can easily tilt in for cleaning, have fresh air locks and upgraded hardware.

7 – Lower your utility bills forever!

By replacing your old drafty windows with new energy efficient replacement windows you will realize a savings of 20-40% on your Houston Texas metro area utility bills for years to come! This is something that will add value to your home as well as all that we spoke of above!

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