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Instead of getting a 20 or 30 year roof get a lifetime roof. Many homeowners in the greater Houston Texas area are not aware that they can get a lifetime roof. Here we show you how when you call Texas Home Exteriors for a free estimate, how we can get you a lifetime warranty new roof from GAF!

GAF Lifetime Warranty Roofing System = The Best Roof For Your Money! 

It is that time were you need to replace your roof. In the sea of roofing shingles and warranties that are offered, why not get a GAF Lifetime Warranty Roofing System? Here we look at the offering and how you are protected as a homeowner with a better roofing system. 

Save Money By Not Having To Change Your Roof Again

Instead of paying for a new roof that will only have to be changed and paid for again, we are offering a better option. In general you will have to pay again in 12 – 15 years here in south east Texas to change your roof again. Instead we are offering a GAF Lifetime warranty roof that will save you money!

How Is A Lifetime Warranty Obtained? 

Roofing shingles by themselves do not offer an automatic lifetime warranty. They are usually 15 – 30 years in general. For newly installed GAF roofing shingle systems to qualify for the lifetime roof, we install three of the GAF products. Please click each image to enlarge. Here is what will be installed:

1 – GAF FeltBuster

GAF FeltBuster Underlayment Protection

This is a much better underlayment that resides under your roofing shingles than tarpaper. This is an upgraded high-traction synthetic underlayment product that won’t tear, ripple, and makes for a smoother overall roofing installation. FeltBuster allows the roofing shingles to lay flat quicker. A much better option that stops wind driven rain from working it’s way into your homes interior. Peace of mind during our Texas heavy rains is what GAF FeltBuster offers. 

2 – GAF Pro-Start 

GAF Pro-Start Roof Shingle

Unlike using a standard 3 tab shingle at the edges of your roof, we install GAF Pro-Start that has a glue strip at the very edge about 1″ back. This stops your roofing shingles from blowing off from high winds. By adding this product to your GAF roofing system, you end up with a more superior roof and a GAF lifetime warranty protection installation! 

3 – GAF StormGuard

GAF StormGuard Installed At Valley

To stop water penetration GAF StormGuard as it is placed in all of the valleys where much of the water collects. This offers maximum protection at all of the the valleys on your roof surface area. The GAF StormGuard will even seal around a nail if penetrated due to it’s self sealing properties. Another reason for using the upgraded products that makes for best roofing practices and a lifetime warranty. 

4- GAF Ridge Vents

GAF Ridge Exhaust Roof Vent 3

The GAF ridge vent will be installed on your home at the upper most points of your roof. This is where the hottest air is gathering. It will now rise out of the newly installed ridge vent that has a 1″ slot at each side of your ridge for a total of a 2″ slot for the hot air to escape. This ridge vent is also referred to as an attic exhaust vent. 

Final Results 

GAF Lifetime Warranty Chart

If you are in the market for a new roof for your home, then this is one option that you should consider. The best selling shingles on the market coupled with the best roofing accessories in the business! That is how GAF roofing products is able to offer a lifetime warranty to homeowners just like you and I. 

This GAF Lifetime Roofing System is by far and away the best roof to install on your home. You can’t go wrong with this kind of protection! 

In a few words what GAF offers is, peace of mind! When we professionally install this GAF Lifetime Roofing System your home will receive a Lifetime Warranty! PLUS Non-prorated coverage for the first 10 years! This we recommend and professional install here at Texas Home Exteriors INC.