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We have all noticed how the cost of energy for heating and cooling our homes is constantly on the rise. We, at Texas Home Exteriors, are offering great Replacement Windows options which will save you money all year round for your home in Austin, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park & Pflugerville Texas and surrounding areas. Here is something to think about, your home’s windows can account for over 60% in your home’s efficiency loss.

Simply replacing old or single pane windows will bring the energy efficiency of your home up to today’s standards and we are here to help you with our understanding and expertise in helping you with this update. Below are a few ways that our new advanced NT windows will help you achieve this.

Low-E Glass Improves Efficiency for Austin Homeowners

low-e glass texas home exteriors

When the sun is out and beaming on your home windows, it is the hot sun’s rays that are streaming into your home with nothing to stop them. This is where Low-E Glass comes into play. Low-E Glass, or low emissivity glass, has the reflective properties that bounce or reflect the sun’s hot thermal rays rather than allowing them to enter through the window, this is accomplished with the Low-E glass used in your new windows. This unwanted heat now stays outside of your home rather than entering through the windows. This upgrade alone will save you on energy usage 6-9 months a year from the Texas sun therefore saving you money.

Two Panes of Glass Are Much Better Than One

Currently, your home most likely has single glass, or as what we can in the home remodeling business, “builders windows”, these are the original windows that were installed when your house was built brand new. These original windows often used by home builders are not nearly as efficient as the new double pane energy efficient replacement windows.

Argon Gas, The Invisible Insulation, Summer & Winter

Argon Gas Windows Texas Home Exteriors

Argon Gas Filled NT Windows

Now with these new updated windows with two panes of glass instead of one are next filled with something denser than air. This is where Argon Gas comes in. Argon gas is a completely transparent and invisible gas which is heavier and denser than air. With this invisible gas sealed between these two panes of glass, it acts as a wall or barrier helping to stop heat and cold transfer into your home.

NT Windows Are Built In TEXAS!

With so many different replacement windows options to choose from in the Austin TX metro area, it can be a bit overwhelming. Many homeowners opt for NT Window with its great reputation, warranty and it is built right here in our great state of Texas! And it is nice to know that NT Window has established itself as one of the top preferred options for window replacement in the Austin Texas metro area and beyond.

Strong Reinforced Replacement Vinyl Window Frames

Most vinyl replacement windows come standard with a hollow frame which does not included needed reinforced. Better made windows, like the design of the NT Window with its multi-chambered frame, come with added reinforcement and are better sealed
offering a window with superior NT Window Executive Series Windows with Aluminum Reinforcement adding strength and durability to the window, meeting rail interlocking for tight seal; deluxe weatherstripping for superior thermal performance and multichamber design to increase the overall r-value of your windows performance.

1 – Built-in aluminum reinforcement (A) provides added strength and durability to the overall window helping to prevent sagging and warpage of the vinyl frames.

2  – The Meeting rail on the Executive Series Windows features an interlock (B) that intersects where the two sashes meet, this reduces the threat of air and/or water
infiltration at these susceptible areas.

3 – Deluxe weatherstripping (C) provides superior thermal performance.

4 – The multi chamber design (D) increases the overall R-Value of the window with sealed air cavities that act as invisible insulation.


A Variety of Replacement Window Options To Choose From For Austin TX Homeowners

NT Window Options for Austin TX Texas Home Exteriors

Now finally you have some creative flexibility available to create your windows inside and out to reflect your home style and personal taste. Because the windows are built to order, you have the choice the to get as creative as you want with both the inside and outside of your new replacement windows. With NT Window you have several interior solid colors to choose from such as: Cream White, Almond and Sandstone; for exterior colors you can choose from standard colors of white or almond or upgrade to some of the wonderful custom colors shown in the image above; you can also choose from a variety of fun and different grids, glass and latches as well.

Some Of The Many Benefits of New Replacement Windows

Austin Replacement Energy Efficient Windows from Texas Home Exteriors

  • Lower Utility Bills Year Round
  • Less Dust Entering Your Home
  • No More Hot & Cold Rooms
  • A Much Quieter Interior Of Your Home
  • Keep Pollutants Outside
  • Reduce Interior Fading Of Carpets and Furniture
  • Keep Bugs And Small Critters From Entering The Interior Of Your Home
  • Less Glare From Direct Sunlight
  • Stop Interior Sweating In Winter Time



Some of the Energy Efficient Replacement Window Features You will Get to Enjoy

  • Tilt-In For Easy Cleaning
  • A Variety of Gid Configurations to Choose From
  • Interior Colors Including Woodgrain Frames
  • Easy To Operate Locks and Night (fresh air) Latches
  • Glass Options, Such As Obscure and Rain Glass

Well there you have it, a fairley comprehensive list of the features and benefits of our Vinyl Replacement Windows for homeowners in Austin, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park & Pflugerville TX metro areas. Texas Home Exteriors will help you select your windows, order, deliver and install them professionally for you! And, we offer the famed Texas EZ Pay 1% Financing option!

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