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As you consider window replacement of the old windows in your home, possibly with new energy efficient windows. Chances are you interested in knowing what the cost may be for new replacement windows. Many Houston TX homeowners contact us here at Texas Home Exteriors about replacement windows estimates and of course one of the big questions is this, “how much they are going to cost?”  

Below we will provide some information for homeowners to help them understand more about what to look for when considering new replacement windows. Also and what to expect in an estimate and cost involved.

When our local Houston Texas metro homeowners specifically ask the question “what will it cost to replace my my windows”,  I always offer the best answer I can but with the reminder they keep in mind there are many variables that will need to be considered in determining the cost of replacement windows. Here we’ll share some helpful information get you on your way to understanding what to expect and how much this type of home improvement may cost you.

What Price Range Should I Expect to Pay for Replacement Windows?

A very quick and general answer to this question is that replacement windows can cost on average anywhere between $350-$995 (and up) per window opening for new energy efficient replacement windows. This is what we have found here in the Houston Texas metro area market. It is highly recommended that Houston Texas homeowners request bids from several of the local replacement window contractors for comparison, to meet the companies and find out what they have to offer and how their window replacement process works. Below is a list of factors to consider as they will directly affect the cost of your window replacements.

Five Factors Directly Affecting Replacement Window Cost:

1 – Size of the Windowssize of windows measurements

When receiving replacement window estimates for your home, the estimator should be measuring your existing window openings. This is to determine the total united inches (ui) of each window as this is how a window cost is priced out.

The measurement calculates as follows per window: width + height = united inches (ui). For instance, let’s say that an existing window you are considering replacing measures 30″ wide x 60″ high. Take and add those two numbers together 30 + 90 to get the total united inches which in this case equals 90 total united inches or 90 ui.

Next, the estimator will take the total united inches, in this case 90 united inches (ui) and multiply it by the cost of the window materials and installation (in this example I will use $6.00 per ui). So the cost of to replace this window is 90 iu x 6 = $540. This same method will be repeated for each window you are considering replacing in your home. Once all the windows have been calculated, add them together for a total cost to replace all of the windows.

2 – Window Shape Affects Replacement Window Cost

The shape of the window you are considering replacing will most certainly affect the cost. Standard square-edge windows are simple enough to manufacture, however, when you get into different window shapes, such as an eyebrow is an entirely different story.  The cost of the new window will increase due to the higher cost to manufacture for windows such as the following types and custom shaped windows:

  • octagonspecialty custom window shapes
  • trapezoid
  • pentagon
  • quarter round
  • triangle circle
  • circle top
  • circle top with extended legs
  • eyebrow
  • eyebrow with extended legs

It will also cost more to installation these types of custom windows as they are more difficult to install and require more skill. It should also be noted that custom shaped windows will take a longer build-time as well, so expect to wait at least 30% longer for the windows due to higher possibility of manufacturing complications and increased tolerances.

3 – Window Options
Grids Glass & Color Choices

There are several replacement window options that will affect the overall cost of the windows you choose including options such as: color, locks, grids, number of panes and any designer glass. The replacement window with the least options will reduce the cost

Your new replacement windows can come with a variety of exterior color options for the jambs (frames) such as white, tan, bronze and brown. The white replacement windows are usually the least in cost.

Interior options can be a bit more extensive with the same colors offered as for the exterior as well as additional options such as: woodgrain finishes (like pine, oak, cherry and pecan). If you were to choose a different color for the outside than what is selected for the inside, this will also quickly increase the cost of the window price due to a more extensive manufacturing process of producing a two color window jamb (frame). Most homeowners go with the same color inside and out. 

Window locks/latches are often color coded to match the color of the window jamb selected. If you were to select a color that is different or an special finish such as  bronze, nickel or brass, this again would increase cost of the window as the standard locks will now be replaced with a custom finish “specialty” lock/latch.

replacement window grid options Grids are yet another factor that can increase the cost of the replacement windows. Some of the grid options and patterns available are as follows:

  • colonial
  • diamond
  • perimeter
  • prairie
  • standard light

For the most part, white on white windows with no grids or grids in the front of the home only are the most popular due in order to lower cost. Also keep in mind that some Homeowners Associations (HOAs and POAs) in the Houston Texas metro area may require on not allow windows with grids for the front of the home. Be sure to check with them first before making a window grid selection as this will affect the window replacement cost.

Rain Glass Window Option Texas Home ExteriorsRain glass and or frosted obscure glass are some selections to consider for your privacy. They are fun attractive and offer a nice upgraded look that is most appealing. These options also will affect your replacement window cost as well.

4 – Quantity of Windows

From time to time, we receive calls from homeowners who would like to replace just a few of their home windows due to various reasons often due to their available budget. Keep in mind, the fewer windows replaced, the more you will pay per window.

This is partially due to the window installation company sending out the crew to replace just a few windows vs a larger job thus driving up the cost per window.
For instance, 5 windows at a cost of $700 each will end up costing you $3,500 compared to 15 windows at a cost of $600 each will cost $9,000 so by replacing all the windows at once, you will save $1,500. The more windows you purchase at one time the lower the cost per window. This is typical of most anything, cheaper in higher quantity.

How Many Windows from Texas Home Exteriors5 – Other Window Installation Related Work

At the time of replacing windows, there are other aspects to the job homeowners may not consider right off that may have a direct affect on the overall cost of replacing their windows.  For instance, other related work may be involved in a project like considering what type of siding the windows will be installed into, this is an important factor as well for measuring purposes. This is another reason why it is important to have a representative look at the job in person to evaluate the project to provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Another thing to consider is that when the old windows are being replaced, there is often a 1″x4″ trim around the windows. This window trim will need to be taken down before the old windows can be removed to prepare for installation of the new windows in their place. Additionally, if the home is need of siding repair, this is the best time to take care of this as well as the two go hand-in-hand. In reality, it is much easier to install a new window when the siding is also being installed as the trim and siding will have already been removed.

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Getting What You Pay For

Greg Kapitan One you have done your due diligence acquiring several replacement window estimates, you will certainly notice a big difference in quoted prices (cost) for your window replacement project. By now you will have had the opportunity to meet and research each company to get a better idea who they are, their reputation and professionalism.

Do beware that the low bid on replacement windows is not necessarily the best bid and will end up costing you more. There are a few competitors in the market who offer windows for low, low prices but then cut corners and/or install a low quality or cheaply-made window then disguise it as a good deal. We have heard many stories of homeowners in disappointment at the results or performance of their new windows in the near future.

Our research and knowledge in the industry has found that companies like this also pay their workers less in addition to taking shortcuts for lower pricing that ends up costing homeowners more in the end. Some of the higher quality replacement windows we here at Texas Home Exteriors recommend are Texas-built NT Windows or  Simonton windows, because they are good quality and at a reasonable price.

So here we have shared some important details for homeowners to be aware of when considering new energy efficient replacement windows for their homes. Click around on the links above for even more information about windows and here is a link to learn about energy efficient window ratings..

We hope you found this article helpful in providing more insight into determining your replacement window cost for your Houston TX home. As you can now see, there are several variables to consider as you move forward with choosing your windows and the contractor to trust in helping you along the way. Please feel free to post your comments and any questions below or give us a call at 281.919.6999, we are Texas Home Exteriors and we are here to help, always happy to give Houston Texas area homeowners free estimates and the cost for new energy efficient replacement windows! Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to viewing your great comments below..

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  1. Jim says:

    I simply want to say I am just all new to blogs and truly liked your web blog about new replacement window cost. This is great information Greg and thanks for all of the details about sizes and window shapes. Probably I’m want to bookmark your website . You actually come with incredible posts. Quick question, will we get a lower price and or cost if we replace our windows in the winter vs. the summer, or does it not matter? Jim..

    • Greg Kapitan says:

      Jim. Thanks so much for taking a moment to read our blog post on new replacement window cost. To answer your question, it really dose not matter what time of year you are looking to replace your old windows with new energy efficient ones. The cost for any homeowner is the same regardless if it is during our hot Texas summer months, fall or the winter time. The cost that we as a company pay for instance, “Texas Home Exteriors” is the same for labor and materials year round for replacement windows. Jim I hope that helps answer your question and please email us if you have any more home improvement related concerns. Greg Kapitan.

  2. Theresa says:

    I just email you on your other siding page, this is nice to know the cost of replacement windows. Is there a differance in the price with a tan colored frame???

    • Greg Kapitan says:

      Good morning Theresa. To answer your question, there is a difference in the price in choosing another color such as “tan” of the frame of our new energy efficient replacement windows? Yes there is, the tan color will cost slightly more over the standard white color. If you add the woodgrain feature for instance on the inside and a different color on the outside that will make the cost of the replacement window go up even more due to the customization of the product. I hope this helps answer your window question??

  3. Deanna R. Jones says:

    Thanks for the information! Knowing why windows cost the amount that they’re priced helps to know what features to look for in replacement windows. I think it’s interesting how the shape of a window would affect the price. It seems like the easier a window is to install, the cheaper it’s supposed to be. I can imagine that must affect the style that people choose for their replacement windows.

  4. Vitaliy @ Window Strong says:

    Thank you for all the information you have provided. It would truly be of great help to those who are looking into having their windows replaced. I think that one should really take their time and think about these things further before making any decision. It is a way for them to decide not only based on how it will look good on one’s home but also think about it’s functionality and efficiency and whether or not it would be worth the money you would be shelling it out for? Thanks.

    • Greg Kapitan says:

      That is a great question to ask. When you consider the cost of having inefficient windows due to heat loss in the winter and unwanted heat gain into your home in the summer, new energy efficient replacement windows will pay off and pay for themselves in about 3-4 years. After that, you are making money in energy savings by having them installed and realizing the reduced energy bills. I hope this helps answer your question?

  5. Trisha Morgan says:

    Hello Greg! Thanks for giving the window price rates. This is really helpful so we can prepare for the said price whenever we want to avail the services.

    • Greg Kapitan says:

      Thanks Trish for your compliments on our replacement window cost article. As you can see, there are quite a few variables in determining the cost to your home improvement window project. Size, options, colors, grids, low-e, argon gas and quality of windows ordered are all factors that make up the final cost to you. Greg.

    • Greg Kapitan says:

      Trisha, thank you for your comments about replacement window cost and the post that I have personally written!

  6. Ann says:

    This article has really helped us make a decision on what windows we were to replace our older ones with. Taking a moment to read what the prices on the widows would be was vey informative. I’m glad we found your price range so we know what to expect when replacing our windows. Very well written article!

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      Thank you for your kind comments, they are well appreciated. Most homeowners like to be able to see their options when it comes to replacement window cost. Thanks again for your kind words!

  7. Cs go crate key says:

    I love this site – its so usefull and helpfull!

  8. Mirian Abele says:

    Loving this post about the cost for new replacement windows for my home. Question, do you also know the cost for aluminum energy star windows?

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      That is a great question. The energy star aluminum replacement windows are similar to the others that we sell in their cost. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will come out to your home with a free estimate and also get you some prices in writing. Greg Kapitan

  9. Perry James says:

    Hey Perry James here. This is a outlined post that gives good description as I am considering that this fall changing out my old windows. So I have a question, what about Andersen windows? They seem to be most pricy, do you have any thoughts and are they worth the money that they are asking?

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      That is a great question about the famed Andersen replacement window. Homeowners have told us that the price point that they (Andersen) are offering is in a range of $900- $1,800 + per window opening. Having said that, it depends how long you are going to stay in the home to recoup the cost from the savings on your utilities. At the cost that they are asking for the Andersen replacement windows, I would say that you are going to need at least 20-25 years to overcome the cost in savings that you paid. Compare that to others that might take 2-5 years is a huge differance! Greg

  10. Norine says:

    I see many interesting articles here in your home improvement blog. I like this replacement window article as you have written it well. N

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      Thank you for your comments. Many homeowners have no idea on what to expect for the cost to pay for new replacement windows. We appreciate your thoughts. Greg kapitan of Texas Home Exteriors.

  11. Mary says:

    My only complaint іs that one cannot get any of these salesmen that come to your home to give homeowners a straight answer when it comes to how they arrived at their cost to replace my windows!! This is most frustrating indeed as they try to manipulate folks, especially women!!

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      We just wanted to applaud you for your comments about replacement window cost. Most home improvement companies do not want you to know their pricing strategy. They do not want you to know how they arrived at the total cost for replacing your windows. But then again, depending on who you call for an estimate, so will reveal that information to you.

  12. Tom Seilheimer says:

    Greg, in your opinion what are the best windows for a Chicagoland area home with crazy winters?

    • Greg K says:


      That is a great replacement window question, thank you for asking. Here in Texas we get cold fronts that dip our temperatures down close to the freezing mark. However, we do not get as cold as you folks as you are far north of Texas. Having said that, I would suggest any replacement window that has good NFRC ratings.

      Thank you Greg

  13. Carl Boyer says:

    Hey I just googled this and found your page. I will be giving you guys a call here real soon as we are looking into new windows for our home. We want the energy efficient energy star rated ones. Tell me more about your Texas easy pay financing and how it works??

    • Greg K says:


      Here at Texas Home Exteriors, we are glad that you found our article via your Google search. The Texas EZ Pay Financing is a great deal for homeowners that want to keep their money in the bank. So let’s say that we you are going to replace all of your windows and the total cost is $9,500 complete install. That $9,500 will cost you ONLY $95 a month with our Texas Easy Pay financing. . . The interest rate is between 4.9% & 5.9% with NO liens or prepayment penalties. This is a great financing deal! Please let me know if you have anymore questions or an estimate. You can also use the FREE Estimate form on our website and we will get you folks an no pressure appointment ASAP.

  14. Norman Smith says:

    I must say you have high quality articles posted here. I am liking the good information that you have rendered here about the cost that one can expect when replacing their windows for more efficient ones. Thanks sir for this article….

    • Greg K says:


      Thanks for your response! We put this article out on the web so homeowners that are considering to install new energy efficient will have an idea on what to expect to pay. Also, we wanted the general public to know how the cost was gathered (calculated) from contractors presenting bids and estimates. Let me know if you have any questions.


  15. Matt says:

    This is a good outline of what homeowners should be paying to new replacement windows. Many have no idea of what the cost could be. Thank you sir for posting this!


    • texashomeexteriors says:


      Happy Memorial day to you! We published this article and made it available to homeowners to have some sort of a guideline on what to cost will be and what they can expect to pay.

  16. Linda Owen says:

    Thank you so much for this replacement window blog post, I find it valuable even two years after it has been posted. It really helps! My husband and I are looking for ways to find finances to do a complete home improvement, but it’s really costly. We realized we have to do some calculations and decide where to go for a loan. We’re in Texas.
    Thank you all in advance,
    Linda and Mitch

  17. Alex says:

    Thanks for your very informative article. I have been looking into the cost of replacement windows, and weighing it up against other factors, such as appearance and ease-of-use. Energy efficiency is a big consideration, but I don’t want to spend so much that the energy savings don’t compensate.

  18. Jackie says:

    According to the National Association of Realtors, window replacements are among the home improvements offering the biggest return on investment. In fact, homeowners can generally expect to retrieve at least 70-80 percent of their investment in window replacements. That’s why Forbes calls window replacement a “recession-proof” home improvement.

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