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Vertical board & batten Siding Houston TXAs you make the decision to remodel on your exterior and replace your home siding, you may be considering doing away with the boring same-old-same-old color combinations or getting away from the same look as everyone else on your block has. Now you have a variety of options compared to a few years back when the boring carbon copy look was the only way to go but not anymore.

Today many homeowners are opting for a new fresher look using a siding combination of color and materials or siding profiles giving for a huge variety of options along with a more modern look. We no longer have the limited selection we used to of steel, aluminum, stone, brick or vinyl siding with the same look for the entire home, now we get to choose from a variety of profiles for a fresh new look for our homes. Most often people add some accents by mixing and matching of materials around the entryway to the home.

This is a great place to incorporate some personality to the home as not only is it right up front at the entrance but typically smaller amounts of materials are needed in this area allowing for homeowners to invest in higher end products such as real or synthetic stone or brick for accents. Be mindful of your choices as you want to make sure you are creating a home with curb appeal.

Fall In Love With You Home Siding

When people see your new look, you may find many people falling in love with the outside of your home maybe to the point they may never even want to go in to see the inside! Below you will find a few siding combination tips to help you achieve a new and exciting look on your home. One way is by using multiple exterior colors which can be incorporated by using a contrasting trim color to the color of siding you have chosen along with a third color for accent.

Make sure to use the same combination of siding and colors on your home entryway which is the focal point of any home. If you are considering siding your home with all stone and brick, keep in mind that this can quickly become quite costly so an alternative would be to use a combination of say vinyl and cement board siding or engineered wood siding enhancing it with some faux stone work or a different siding profile like horizontal on some parts and vertical, shingle or scallop siding profile on others. This will cost much less but allows you to still achieve a great and different look. 

Old VS. New 

The old way to achieve this look would be to choose coordinating stone and siding by selecting stones which are similar in color. Instead, try selecting a siding that is a few shades lighter or darker than your selected stone which will provide for a nice contrast. Many homeowners are no longer going for the plain white house with the black shutters but having fun with mixing and matching combinations.

Many Siding Combination Choices and Styles

Perfection Straight Edge Cedar-Shingles & Lap SidingThese days, paint color choices are endless and there are a variety of siding profile options available to homeowners. Many manufactures of pre-colored siding are even letting customers pick their own custom colors. If you are not sure what color to choose, you might try looking around your neighborhood or browsing around the internet to see what siding colors and combinations of siding profiles other homeowners have selected.

Of course you don’t have to choose the exact same color that was on your home previously, but it is best if you don’t go too extreme and keep in mind that some HOAs and POAs require approval for new siding or colors so check into this as well. Also keep in mind that if you ever decide to sell the home, you want to consider what might be appealing to the potential new buyers.

When selecting the profiles and colors to use on your new siding look, be sure to take into consideration your home’s architecture design as some types of homes will look okay with bold choices while others may not. It is always a good idea to choose your main siding color first then work with different accent colors to see which looks best. You really cannot go wrong with color combinations such as: beiges and browns, reds and browns and some shades of green and orange.

The Biggest Influence On Your Homes Exterior 

The biggest consideration for the appearance of the exterior of your homes outside is going to be the siding you choose. There are several styles and solutions to explore and consider. You are no longer  limited to just one style or type of siding but a variety of styles, options and profiles. You can choose from a variety of types of siding like vinyl, wood, mixed material, metal, fiber cement and others. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of siding allowing you to get the most out of your remodel and options. For example, if you have a home that has mainly a brick exterior, you might add vinyl siding or composite metal siding to accent walls.

This will give an illusion of extra dimensional space and make your home stand out by giving off shadows and lighting. This could be added on the ground floor or carried over to the second story of your home. For instance, the first story could be brick or stone siding and the second story could be stucco, wood, vinyl or any combination of the three! The best thing about being able to mix and match is that you will not be limited to just one or two choices but even several. You can also try mixing and matching siding styles with different types of window treatments considering how they might complement one another.

Regional Trends 

Staggered Cedar Shakes & Lap SidingGenerally homeowners material choices have a tendency to go with regional trends. For instance, vinyl is big in the east and midwest part of the United States, while in the south part of the states a preference to brick with natural wood siding being the strongest in the northwest. These regional lines have become a little blurry over the years though since people have had more of a tendency to move across country and bring their values and preferences with them.

The economy can play a key role in choices as well with those who have less money spending less on their homes. For instance, vinyl which has a low cost and almost effortless maintenance is by far the most popular material for those wanting an inexpensive and low-maintenance option. Most people who are upgrading their vinyl siding like new options such as thicker panels, darker colors and other accessories and the look of shake has been becoming very popular with its durability, authenticity, and cedar-inspired vinyl products.

Dark Colors Are Back

Dark paint colors have been becoming more and more popular for siding choices. James Hardie and LP SmartSide Siding companies now offer Fascia boards designed to accept HardieSoffit panels. This eliminates the need to nail through the visible portion of either material, thus eliminating the need to touch up the factory finish after installation. Homeowners are using trim boards as a way to add dimension and contrasting colors to their homes while having fun with design.

With all of the materials and color combinations out there today, homeowners have an infinite number of choices when changing their home siding. With the freedom to experiment with color, style and texture allowing them to be creative and think outside just the four walls. You can ensure your home stands out by using rich color combinations or try using horizontal clapboard with half round shingles to impart texture and detail. Vertical siding will draw your eye skyward and can add dimension to the center of your home. You can pair board & batten with clapboard siding on a single wall, or polymer perfection shingles on walls with staggered rough-split shakes in gable areas.

Light colors will make your home appear larger and have a brighter curb appeal while darker roof colors harmonize with deep blues, greens and browns. If you choose a more neutral roof color it allows for a stronger siding color. Dark trim colors work best to frame your home. When selecting your main siding color, it is best to choose a shade or two lighter than your roof color. Also, it has become more and more common to use two or more exterior wall colors with varied trim colors. To be safe, try to stay in the same color family when mixing colors.

Mixing and matching stone and siding is easier than you think. First you will need to decide on a stone profile. If it is a large area you might choose cut cobblestone or field stone for larger areas you might use Ledgestone or shadow Ledgestone. Next look at the characteristics of the stone and be sure they fit well with the architecture of the home. Next you will need to choose a siding color.

It is best if you choose a color which is present in your stone or one that complements the most dominant color in your stone selection. Typically it is best if the stone color is a shade or two darker than the siding color. But keep in mind that you don’t want them to be a perfect match as you will not be able to tell from the street where the siding ends and the stone begins. Next you will need to choose a secondary house color for trim and accents. You can try using one of the secondary colors in your stone for trim and accent color.

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In conclusion, mixing and matching with siding combinations in today’s world basically means that you coordinate the color, style, profiles of your siding selection with other exterior products such as your doors, windows, and roofing. You can choose trim pieces and siding accessories that will be colored to contrast with the siding. It has been becoming more and more common to see homeowners choosing the mixing of materials and styles on their home exteriors. You see lap siding on the exterior with polymer shakes or corbels on the gable ends, board-and-batten siding in the peaks or stone veneer as an accent. Today there is a vast array of materials available to homeowners. Take your pick such as:

  • vinyl siding
  • polypropylene siding
  • polymer shakes siding
  • shingle siding
  • fiber cement siding
  • aluminum siding
  • steel siding
  • panelized stone veneer siding
  • red cedar & hardwood siding
  • modified wood siding
  • plywood siding an
  • engineered wood siding products such as: oriented strand board (OSB) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

Any of these siding options can all be mixed and matched with other options , in almost any color combination you can imagine. We sure have come a long way from those first houses which were built with grass sod and animal hides haven’t we? We hope that you have enjoyed this post on Siding Combinations from us here at Texas Home Exteriors

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