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Paint Color Options & Combinations

Paint Color Choices from Texas Home Exteriors As you consider replacing your siding with Hardie or SmartSide Siding, you will be also be making the decision of what paint color combination to choose from the many options. This is a fun time that get creative and also get the opinion of your friends and family. 

Some homeowners may find this a bit overwhelming as they start looking and deciding which colors to paint the new exterior siding. New paint color combinations can provide the home with a new updated look and selecting paint color choices can be fun too. In this post we offer a variety of ideas to help you along the way, we hope it helps you in making your exterior paint color selections.

A Variety Of Paint to Try On

With such a variety of paint color choices and color combinations to choose from, who can you turn to for help? One option is Sherwin-Williams who happily offers help right in their store, additionally they provide a very helpful online visual tool called “Try On Colors.

This online paint color options & combinations selection tool provides you the option to take pictures of your actual home. You can upload it and literally, “try on” paint colors to view what some options you may have in mind or that are available will look like on your home. They also have a link for tips choosing exterior paint colors that we highly recommend. DIY Network also has great information for exterior paint colors that you and your family should check out.

Some Painting Points To Consider:

Move Over Monotone!
Multi Colors is The Trend for the Body & Trim!

As you are pondering your home exterior painting project, some of the first things to consider is whether you want your home painted with one single color, two or several? You have many options and computations to evaluate. Do you want the body and trim to be that same color, or accented to compliment one another? The trend of many 21st century homeowners is that they are painting their exteriors with multi-colored accenting and contrasting colors.

This is a popular choice as it gives your home a “pop” with aesthetically pleasing siding and trim dimension and contrast giving the home more personality and enhanced curb appeal (as opposed to a flat monotone paint selection). You will notice all of the paint color selections we have included in this post are two or three tone options.

All in the Family Colors

This is a biggie to be aware of as the paint colors you choose are going to be on your home for many years. Make sure that your home’s exterior paint color scheme is belonging to the style of the home and the neighborhood keeping in mind it is a good idea that accenting colors borrow from one another. It is important to make sure that the paint color and or colors that you have chosen work well together and are complement of one another and do not clash.

Make That Door &  Shutters Pop With an Accent Color!

It is interesting to note how much more your homes individual personality will what we call.. “pop” with the added accent of an offset painted door and or shutters. This should be a color that belongs and that works with the paint color scheme of your home.

Flat, Satin or Gloss Paint Finish?

In the past many years ago it might have been more common to see a gloss paint job regardless of the color that was chosen. That has changed over the years to a more modern look. Flat and satin paints have become much more popular as gloss finishes has been faded out. Homeowners are not wanting their home to have that plastic shiny look, but are moving to a low luster subtle sheen of a saying or as some call it, eggshell.  

Something also to think about, the flat can be harder to clean so if you are in an area with a lot of dust, a satin finish will clean up with much more ease. Here at Texas Home Exteriors we are seeing about 80% of the paint color finishes waiting by homeowners to be satin.

Some Quick Points To Consider:

  • Monotone VS. Multi Colors
  • Strong Accent Colors
  • Paint Finish
  • Fitting In With The Neighborhood
  • HOA Paint Color Approval

Paint Color Combination Gallery:

Click Each To Enlarge & Get Color Details (at bottom)


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Final Thoughts

As you can see there are some nice paint color combinations that you can choose from. Here at Texas Home Exteriors we are happy to have posted this helpful information. Feel free to make any comments below that you might have on exterior paint color combinations and options.

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14 Responses to Exterior Paint Colors

  1. Ann says:

    This is great because we’ve been wanting to repaint our house and we haven’t put much thought into it. The color combinations are great and fit in perfectly in my neighborhood. This article was great and held many helpful pieces of information.

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      Thanks for your comments, we are glad that you like the exterior paint article that we have written.

      Greg Kapitan

  2. Brian Tinns says:

    I need to show my wife this, thanks so much.

  3. D Prince says:

    First of all I want to say superb blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to find out how do you go about determining the main color for your home before any of the other trim colors. We are trying to figure out how to begin with a main body choice. Any ideas or sugestions will be helpful? Thanks!

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      Wow, what a nice compliment thank you! We will admit that it can be difficult to get started in your color selection. As for getting started for the main body color may we suggest that you look at other homes in your neighborhood and physically see for yourself what colors resonates with you. That would be a good starting point is our suggestion. Greg

  4. Ashley Jones says:

    Nice web post! Thanks so much!

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      Thanks so much for the compliment! What did you like most about the exterior paint colors page?

  5. Sherry H says:

    Thank you for giving us something enlightening to read! This is great information when it comes to exterior paint colors. I am liking how you put all of the colors together with photos to compare. Thank you for sharing.

    • texashomeexteriors says:


      Thank you for your comments on our exterior paint color selection! We put this ot for homeowners to get ideas from when it comes to painting the exterior of their home. Thanks again.


  6. Johnny Jackson says:


    My wife and I have been looking at possible paint color combinations for our home’s exterior in Spring TX. We are liking something along the gray tones with lighter and darker grays. We will be calling you folks soon to get an estimate on what the cost is going to be to re paint our home. At the same time we will look at what the options are for replacing some rotted wood siding.

    Thanks, JJ

  7. Stefanie Lee says:

    So glad I stumbled across this article. I live in Southeast Texas in the woods and I am still in remodel and refresh mode of my 1978 built custom home. I moved here 3 years ago and fell in love with the home and history of the property that I purchased. However, falling in love with the interior and exterior color choices was not happening. Since, I’ve done a complete overhaul on the interior…except my art room…but I am now focused on getting the exterior out of the 1978 blue and grey paint splatter bricks to a more modern and timeless style and color palette while still preserving the beautiful home that is tucked away in the woods. I’ve had a hard time locking down a decision and even what choices to consider. This article has helped greatly with that decision. It truly has been very hard to find articles that are helpful. Most of them integrate European and French Provenance colors and styles and even Seascape colors to Desert themed palettes. Obviously, it would weird to have a terracotta painted home way back in the woods. I want my home to be inviting and less of an eyesore to my local wildlife. But thanks again for the article.

    • Stefanie,

      Wow great thoughts on the exterior paint color for your home in the woods. I would agree with you about having the home exterior blend in with the local wildlife. What an inspiring thought! Thank you for all that you have spoke of! From Greg of Texas Home Exteriors INC.

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