Deck Lighting Ideas and Options

Get Creative With Your Deck

It is early October in the southeast Houston Texas metro area and a cool front just blew in lowering the outdoor temperatures and humidity. This is a great time to be outside enjoying your new deck. In the evening or nighttime you can dim the lights to offer unparalleled ambiance Within this web page, you will see a few ideas and options for your new deck when it comes to lighting.

Keep in mind that this is where you can get as creative as you want with your outside deck lighting situation. Dimmers are a nice way to enhance the ambiance by dimming the lights for that warm and inviting feel. Trex, a manufacture of composite decking, has some ideas for outdoor deck lighting that you might want to consider for your Texas home.

Options/Applications of Deck Lighting

Outdoor deck lights are a type of fixture that come in many styles that you can actually use in any part of the outdoor of your home.  Deck lighting fixtures will have many options that are available and made look like they belong as part of the entire deck system and not as an add on. They are beautiful as they built in with their functionality and the uniform look about them that is most pleasing to the eyes.

Placement Choices in Deck Lighting

You should consider and ponder, where are the areas that you want to light up? Look at you deck in both day time and then in the night with a flashlight. What are the most important places to light up? Stairs, handrails, edges, the edge of a pond or deck where their might be a drop-off? These are all places to consider as well as where to put the switches and dimmers.

Installation of Your Deck Lighting and Design Ideas

Deck lighting and it’s wiring can be installed in places that your creative imagination can come up with. In many cases the wiring can be hidden in-between posts, beams, under the ground and under supporting decking joists. In a handrail post situation, the wire can run through the middle and come out of the top with a designer lighted top cap. This allows you wiring and lighting flexibility to be creative. Here is a link to a deck lighting supplier that has some great options for you to look at as you are doing your research.

Many Deck Lighting Ideas Are Pictured Below:

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Recessed Deck and Stair Lights

Recessed Deck and Stair Lights







Close Up Deck lighting Spiced Recessed Lighting

Close Up Deck lighting Spiced Recessed Lighting







Deck White Post Cap Light

Deck With White Post Cap Light







Deck Hand Rail White Post Cap Light

Deck Hand Rail White Post Cap Light







Deck Lighting Riser Light Fascia

Deck Lighting Riser Light On Fascia