Custom Built Patio Covers

“Gable Roof Patio Covers”

Patio Cover Built By Texas Home Exteriors Houston The Woodlands Spring TXHave you ever desired sitting in your backyard even if the hot sun is shining down or it is raining? Just imagine having some protection from our Houston Texas weather and still being able to enjoy the outdoors. Consider how nice it would be to be enjoying your backyard, with you and your family protected from the elements such as rain and sun which can be harsh or put a damper on being outdoors!

We have a great solution for you, now you enjoy your backyard more and be able to get some outside air without the risk of prolonged sun exposure or getting soaked or take in some of our beautiful evening sunsets with a custom built patio cover from Texas Home Exteriors.

Patios Built To Your Heart’s Desire

Patio Cover Framing Roof Texas Home Exteriors Houston The Woodlands Spring TXHave you been looking at your backyard, wondering and imagining about the possibilities of adding a patio cover? Well, if you can dream it, we can help you by coming up with the specifications and drawings to make the dream come true, you dream it up and we will build it!

Now is your chance to watch as the design you were longing to build, evolves in a space that once was just a thought, an idea! You can create a space for you, your family and friends to enjoy 365 days a year for many years to come. This is your relaxing space is waiting for you and your family to enjoy.

The Patio Cover Design and Pricing Process

  1. Call or submit a request on our website for a consultation and estimate
  2. We will come right to your home to discuss your ideas for your new patio cover build
  3. We’ll help you in the process as you consider usage and intended purpose
  4. We’ll measure the intended build space
  5. We’ll engineer for the possibility for concrete, slab footings or peer and posts
  6. We’ll determine the cover height and roof pitch
  7. We’ll pinpoint the exact size for your patio cover build
  8. We’ll determine any exterior electrical needs such as, lighting, fans and recitals
  9. We’ll render drawings of the cover for your review and approval
  10. We’ll estimate pricing and options

Patio Cover Lighting Texas Star Light Houston The Woodlands Spring TXThe Selected Patio Cover

Once you have decided, designed and approved a patio cover you would like to have built, we will set a time and date to get started on the project. Keep in mind when getting a scheduled time that here in the greater Houston Texas metro area, we can have delays in getting started and the progress of our projects due to the weather. Once we get started, it will only take about a week’s time to get the cover built keeping the weather always in consideration which could end up adding a few more days.

The Building Processes

  1. We will start with setting the posts, getting them installed and plumb (leveled)
  2. Next we’ll install the perimeter beams
  3. Then install ridge beam
  4. Next is installation of the roof rafters
  5. The installation of the ceiling joists
  6. Then we’ll install the roof decking
  7. Next comes installation of the abutment flashing
  8. Then topping it off with installation of your selected roofing material
  9. Next we’ll perform any electrical rough- in (optional)
  10. Then comes the installation of the fascia
  11. And installation of the soffit
  12. We’ll next paint with your selected colors
  13. When finished, we’ll clean up and remove all job-related debris

This is not always a conclusive patio cover build list as each job is custom, however it should provide you with a good idea as to what to expect with this type of a project. In most cases your cover can be built within a week’s time.

What Will Be The Cost To Build?

Patio Cover Soffit Fan light Houston The Woodlands Spring Texas Home Exteriors As with all construction related projects that can vary depending on the cover that you want to build. You can go from a basic design that can start at $7,500 for a small patio cover to upwards of $35,000 +. You can get as elaborate as you want. If cost is a concern we have some exciting financing options!

Let’s say you are wanting a patio cover that we have priced out at $15,000. With our Texas EZ Pay 1% Financing that is $150.00 per month or $5.00 per day! We hope that you have enjoyed this page of information. If you are interested in having us build you a custom patio cover please just the contact form at the right hand side of the page.

Rear Final Patio Cover Texas Home Exteriors Conroe The Woodlands Spring TxRemember, if you can imagine it, we can build it for you!

Here is where there is no limit to what we can build for you. Take your time and look online to see and gather some ideas for your new custom built patio cover!
What kind of patio cover would you like us to build for your home in, Houston, Spring, Conroe or The Woodlands? Thank you from all of us at, Texas Home Exteriors!

Shed Roof Patio Covers Photos


Shed Roof Patio Cover by Texas Home Exteriors

Here you can see how at this job we installed what is called a shed roof patio cover. With this type of cover, the roof rafters come off of the existing home in one angle/slope.

With this type of patio cover, you do not have a cathedral (two angle) ceiling up above. Instead you end up with what is called a vaulted ceiling, (one angle) that gets higher the closer you get to the home where the ends of the rafters are mounted. 

In this case we matched the 8′ soffit height to be the same as the soffit when you come out of the back door of the home. We wanted to achieve the look of this cover to be original and not an after thought add on. 

Finished Shed Roof Patio Cover by Texas Home Exteriors job in Spring North Houston TX

Patio Cover by Texas Home Exteriors Houston Spring

What Kind of Patio Cover Can We Build For You?

Tell us what kind of patio cover would you like us to build for your home in, Houston, Spring, Conroe or The Woodlands? Have your ideas with you when we come to visit, together we will make it happen!