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Suntuitive Smart Replacement Windows –
Self-tinting Glass Technology

Shopping for new replacement windows? There are a multitude of windows available to homeowners with a variety of glass options. When it comes time to replace your old inefficient windows with new energy efficient replacement windows, another option to research and consider is one of the latest and greatest technologies yet, Texas Suntuitive Self-tinting Smart WindowsTexas Suntuitive Self Tinting Smart Glass

Smart Windows that Change With The Sun

Just like smart phones, windows just keep getting smarter and smarter with the latest technology. Actually, it is about time that what is available for commercial buildings is now available for our homes. With the wonderful and innovative Texas Suntuitive Smart Windows Self-tinting glass technology, windows intuitively adapt throughout the day, gradually and dynamically darkening as they heat up from direct sunlight. The more direct and intense the sun’s energy, the more the glass warms, the more it will darken and tint.

Low-E Glass + Much More

Most energy efficient replacement windows have what is called a Low-E “low emissivity” coating. This coating bounces back outside the sun’s infrared rays. However the Low-E can only do so much. This is what make our Intuitive Smart Windows so unique. They have the best Low-E coating on the market, 366 + they get darker further intensifying its total heat resistance power.

As the suntuitive smart windows transition darker and darker, the adaptive glass tint technology blocks the heat from coming through your windows while balancing the intense glare which in turn preserves the view through the windows. The tinting reduces the need to pull down the shades or close the blinds or drapes so you can enjoy more hours of comfortable natural daylight coming in through those sun-facing windows. We put windows in so we can see out not to close off the view, would you not agree?


How Do Suntuitive Self-tinting Smart Windows Work?

Suntuitive During the Daytime:

Our innovative Suntuitive Smart Replacement Windows feature a lightly tintedSuntuitive glass tint level diagram UV/sunlight responsive, thermochromic interlayer that warms up, gradually darkening in response to the rising temperature of the glass surface from the direct sunlight. The glass then clears as the sun lowers in the sky becoming indirect now allowing light to once again pass into the home.

As the glass warms and darkens, this intensifying tint blocks any harmful UV rays and lowers the solar heat gain coefficient SHGC from the windows. The solar heat gain is the biggest energy enemy in homes throughout the country especially in the south. Direct sun on glass will generate 250 BTU per square foot of glazing per hour so this tint transition can make a huge difference. No other replacement windows stops as much unwanted heat from entering through as the Texas Suntuitive Smart glass technology does.

In The Sun Differance Texas Suntuitive Self Tinting Smart Windows

Suntuitive During the Early Evening & Night:

As the sun moves across the sky and is begins to set, the Suntuitive Smart Window responsive glass will begin to cool. As the glass cools, it returns to its natural clear state again. So, at night or during cloudy non-sunny days, when the direct sun is not present and hitting the glass, the Suntuitive responsive glass will remains clear, allowing for the most natural daylight to enter your as possible.

Our Suntuitive Self-Tinting Smart Glass naturally and passively adapts throughout the day, every day of the year, constantly balancing the heat and glare coming in through the windows and into the living space keeping the view through the windows as the sun lowers in the sky and sets in the evening and nighttime and they return to their clear glass state.


Three Panes Of Performance Glass

Most replacement windows consist of just two panes of glass. The Suntuitive Smart Glass system consists of the following components to provide unparalleled performance from the outside in:

  1. 1/8″ clear glass pane Layers Of Suntuitive Self Tinting Smart Windows
  2. PVB Interlayer Laminate -.048-thickness
  3. 1/8″ clear glass pane
  4. 7/16″ Sealant Spacer – Argon gas filled
  5. Low Emissivity (low-E) & 366 PPG Glass coating
  6. 1/8″ clear glass pane

As you can see, the Suntuitive Self-tinting replacement windows provide the very best in total efficiency and protection. When it comes to gaining energy efficiency, no other window will provide more that the Texas Suntuitive Smart Glass, year after year.

In simple terms, our Texas Suntuitive Smart Windows offers you are your family several layers of performance and protection as can be seen in cutaway view chart above.


Nearly Unbreakable Suntuitive Laminated Glass Equals A Quiet & Safe Home Suntuitive Self-tinting replacement window cutaway view

With the Suntuitive Smart laminated glass Windows, you will enjoy a greater reduction of noise reduction into your home from outside sources.  The Suntuitive Interlayer (center) of the laminated glass is a stiff semi rubber like product that has great sound reduction properties.

This is called Noise Attenuation, the reduction of sound waves through a substance or material. Because our windows come with a laminated glass package (Suntuitive Interlayer) as a standard, you will notice the best possible noise reduction you can find anywhere because of  the sound damping properties found within the laminated glass unit.

Drive up banking teller windows are similar in that they are often using a thick laminated safety glass product.  Now imagine having that similar window for your home. This is possible with our Texas Suntuitive Smart Windows have self-tinting laminated safety glass interlayer that will also make your home much more quiet and resistant from unwanted outside noise. An example of this might be, the Saturday morning southeast Texas neighbor mowing the lawn. This now becomes a non issue, case and point.


Impressive Suntuitive Self-tinting Smart Performance Numbers

Rating Code  
VLT.50 Clear State.08 Tinted State
ST.19 Clear State.04 Tinted State
SHGC.31 Clear State.12 Tinted State

VLT= Visible Light Transmission also known as VT =Visible Transmittance: (VT or VLT) measures how much light comes through a product. VT is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The higher the VT, the more light that comes through the product. In the southeast Texas metro area, it is desirable for southern facing windows that receive a strong dose of sunlight to be tinted due to extreme brightness that they receive.

ST = Solar Transmission: This is a rating for heat transmission through different types of glasses compared to an ordinary single clear glass window that would have a solar transmission rating of 1. The 1. ST rating is allowing in effect 100% of the sun’s energy to pass into your home interior. Where an ST (solar transmission) rating of let’s say, .20 is only allowing 20% of that heat transmission into the interior of your Texas home. In Short, the lower the ST, the more blocking properties and the least amount of heat will enter into your home’s interior.

Most Important In The Southern States Is. . .

SHGC = Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: (SHGC) measures how well a product blocks heat from the sun. SHGC is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The lower the SHGC, the better a product is at blocking unwanted heat gain. SHGC is particularly important in southern climates like Texas. Most replacement windows like Simonton, Pella, Anderson and the like brag about being in the .35 -.25 range. Suntuitive Smart Windows when in it’s tinted state, are a remarkable .12 low number. Now that is some major sun blockage that equals the most energy savings for your money!

Self-tinting windows light to dark texas home exteriors

Some of the Many Benefits of Texas Suntuitive Replacement Windows

Suntuitive glass offers comfort and peace of mind without sacrificing your view and providing more comfort and safety from your windows. These innovative smart windows offer wonderful benefits including but not limited to:

  • Maximizing solar heat gain; maximizing day lighting
  • Reducing interior glare
  • Blocking solar heat
  • Reducing outside noise
  • Natural lighting and clear outside view
  • Optimizing energy efficiency
  • Consistently comfortable temperature
  • No maintenance
  • Shielding interior home and family from damaging UV transmittance
  • Impact and security tested
  • Forced entry tested enhances home security


Self-tinting, Energy Efficient, Quiet, Safety & Impact Resistant

As you can clearly see, this technology is very exciting and unlike any offered with the typical vinyl replacement windows which have been on the market and so popular throughout the country for years now. The adaptability of the Suntuitive Smart glass can help lower the costs associated with heating, air-conditioning and lighting which can represent up to 70% of a home’s total energy consumption.

From no direct sunlight equaling its clear state, to direct sunlight equaling its self-tinted state, Suntuitive Smart Windows do it all. Our Texas Suntuitive self-tinting replacement windows come with a wonderful list of benefits over traditional replacement windows that is sure to benefit you and your family. If you are in the Houston Texas metro or surrounding areas, please give us a call at Texas Home Exteriors and we will be happy to come out, give you a demonstration of this remarkable product and provide you with an estimate at no charge. Please post comments below and let us know if you have additional questions or suggestions on how we can improve this post, we love to hear from you!

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      We are glad that you found this Suntuitive Smart Window article most helpful. We look forward to hearing from you guys.


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    What an awesome window product, I will be contacting you soon with questions about the EZ Pay that you offer. Tim M

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    This product will be great for most Southern Texas homes. With the windows in our home, we can barely sit in our living room and watch television because of the sun’s natural glare. Also with large eighteen wheelers always passing by it’s very loud inside our homes. This article very well written and very helpful.

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    We have a home here in north Austin that these smart windows will work nicely on our west facing windows as they get an abundance of sunshine. We will be emailing you soon for a quote and estimate. Thank you so much for posting my friend!

    – Sam

    • Greg Kapitan says:


      Yes, the Suntuitive Self Tinting Smart Windows are the way to go when you have west facing windows in your home. They also work great for any wall that has windows that get a lot of sun. We will be looking for your estimate email!

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