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Quick Roof Leak Repairs Made from $395 – $895 in Cost

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Is your Houston roof leaking everytime it rains and in need of repair? Are you concerned about water getting into your homes interior and causing damage? If so then here at Texas Home Exteriors we have a great and affordable solution for you!

Roof Repairs To Fit Your Budget!

We have a quick solution to a leaking roof that is often over $7,500 in roof replacement cost. We can come out and make roof shingle repairs for a range of: $395 –  $895 in general and in most cases where entire roof replacement is not needed. This is a substantial savings that will keep the leaks from entering your home for some time.

How Do We Determine Where The Roof Leak Is Coming From?

This can be most difficult without an untrained eye. You can see the water coming in through the sheetrock, however it has to enter from the roof to get into your home. The following is how we determine the roof leak source so we can make the necessary repairs to your Houston, Pasadena and Baytown Texas home.

Complete Roof Leak Inspection Processes:

Evidence of Roofing Leaks Houston TX Texas Home Exteriors

  1. We will come into your home to see where water is coming in your home
  2. We enter into your attic if possible to view water path so we know where above that to make the roof repair
  3. We will put up a ladder and get literally onto your roof to see where we need to make the roof lear repair
  4. Determine a price and cost for labor and materials to complete the roof repair and stop the water leak
  5.  Schedule the closest date possible to get your roof repair completed
  6. Collect payment for our services
  7. Issue No Leak Warrantyroofing leak shingle repair crew Houston TX Texas Home Exteriors

Please note that not every time requires every step above to find your roof leak, sometimes it is quite obvious. When we come out to your home, we will find this out for you and the source of the roof leak. This is by far the best practice with determining your roof real source.

Here Are The 10 Most Common Sources of Roof Leaks:

  1. Flashing Is Rusted or Damaged
  2. Broken, Worn or Damaged Shingles
  3. Valleys Aren’t Properly Sealed
  4. Vent Pipe Jacks Are Cracked or Damaged
  5. Have Water Dam Buildup from Low Slope
  6. Skylights Were Improperly Installed
  7. Gutters Are Clogged
  8. Have A Cracked Chimney Brick
  9. Flashing Issues At Chimney – Cap or Shingle
  10. Tree Branch or Other Exterior Penetration Causing A Roof Leak

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Well there you have it, a complete outline on how we determine your roof  repair on your Houston Texas metro area home. We serve the following areas for roof leak repairs: Alvin, Atascocita, Barrett, Baytown, Channelview, Clear Lake, Cloverleaf, Crosby, Dayton, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galena Park, Highlands,Houston, Humble, Kingwood, League City, La Porte, Mont Belvieu, Pasadena, Pearland, Seabrook, Sheldon, South Houston.

For your convenience we accept many payment methods. If an entire roof replacement is found to be need during your roof repair, we will be happy to provide you with an estimate at that time. This will have the complete replacement cost along with some shingle options. All Major Credit Cards Accepted as well as Personal Checks for your Roof Repair by Texas Home Exteriors.

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