Spot a Roofing Scam in 3 Ways

You’re outside, raking up the leaves and debris from a recent major storm. Surveying the damage, you realize your home has escaped unscathed. You smile to yourself, as relief washes over you; all is well. Suddenly, a stranger appears in your driveway and beckons you his way. You’re immediately wary of what he may be peddling, and approach cautiously. Before you can even stop walking his way, he’s pitching to you about the “damage” he’s seeing on your roof from the storm. You look up, attempting to identify what exactly he’s pointing out because you hadn’t noticed anything earlier. Doubt creeps in, and you’re filled with dread in place of relief. He’s the professional, so he should know best, right? Wrong. 

Roofing scams are one of the most common, oldest tricks in the world, yet people still easily fall prey to them. They seek out people who don’t know better and those just looking for the best deal. After taking your money, they perform the work quickly and disappear into the night; never to be heard from again. This means if the work was shoddy, you can’t recover that money and you’ll be left footing the bill to fix it. 

We know this sounds scary, but with these important tips you can avoid getting scammed by these low-lifes. Here’s what to look out for. 


Chances are, your roof is absolutely fine after a storm. You’ve looked around and nothing has stood out as concerning to you, but you can’t shake the salesman telling you you’re wrong. They used terms you didn’t understand and got you a bit confused, but trust that you aren’t wrong. Send them on their way, then use your trustiest search engine to find a reputable company like Texas Home Exteriors. A good brand will have reviews, a permanent address and an easy way to reach out to ask questions. This is who you want coming to look at your roof.


“Storm Chasers” are roofing scammers who suddenly show up in storm-hit areas, making promises that sound too good to be true. They prey on the stress and chaos following a big storm with quick, cheap work. Their business names are also usually ones you’ve never heard of or seen signs for before.

They’re known for offering immediate services with huge price gashes, while also billing insurance for you to get paid. Yes, this sounds good…but it’s too good to be true, so don’t buy in.


Roof repair scammers come in very low in their prices, then will increase them over the time they work. They’ll blame it on material costs or unknown “problems” to justify it to you. 

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