LP SmartSide Siding Job In Sugar Land TX

Before The LP SmartSide Siding Sugar Land Texas

Before The LP SmartSide Siding Sugar Land Texas

Spotlight on this LP SmartSide siding project professionally installed by Texas Home Exteriors in Sugar Land Texas. This was quite the transformation taking this home from having the old rotting T-111 vertical wood siding on it to new, durable, rot, moisture and insect resistant SmartSide Siding. As can be seen in this before photo, the home builder had initially installed vertical wood siding on this home.  

The Re Siding Process:

  1. Pull permit with the City Of Sugar Land
  2. Schedule job start date with homeowner
  3. Order materials to be delivered 
  4. Schedule start date with siding crew
  5. Show up at job
  6. Go over the scope of with with the siding crew
  7. Remove all of the old existing siding, soffit and fascia
  8. Replace any rotted framing
  9. Install new low-e vapor barrier  
  10. Install new window tap around all windows, doors and opening to receive new siding
  11. Install z bar flashing over all exposed window and door headers
  12. Install new LP SmartSide siding to manufactures specifications
  13. Caulk all needed areas
  14. Paint all new surfaces with lifetime paint  
  15. Walk around with homeowner to ensure satisfaction 
  16. Remove all job related debris
  17. Order final Sugar Land city inspection
After The LP SmartSide Siding Sugar Land Texas

After The LP SmartSide Siding Sugar Land Texas

The Final Results of This LP SmartSide Siding Job In
Sugar Land Texas

In many cases there are much more siding job production steps that the seventeen that we outlined above. As you can see by the lengthy list above that is is quite the home re siding processes. However as we all know you can’t take any shortcuts if you want the job to last. As we all know, you get what you pay for. 

We cannot express enough how true that statement is. We will receive many phone calls from homeowners that often want us to finish their siding project in a professional manor.

We suggest that with any home improvement project that you choose a professional company that stands behind their work.  That is what this Sugar Land Texas homeowner decided to go with our company Texas Home Exteriors to professionally install their LP SmartSide siding