LP SmartSide Siding Job In Conroe Texas 

Conroe Texas LP SmartSide Siding Job We received an email from a homeowner in Conroe Texas who wanted to change the siding on their home. They expressed that their old siding was pealing and they were finding many boards which were starting to rot.

Here in the Conroe Texas area, we get nearly 48″ of rain per year. Unlike other parts of the country, this is a lot of rain. Observing this issue, the homeowner quickly decided this is a great opportunity to install the LP smartSide siding product which will last for many years to come. This siding looks great and comes with an excellent 50 year warranty. 

Along with siding replacement, this homeowner also expressed that they would really like to get rid of the old skirting which was installed at the bottom of he home which has a tendency to give homes a mobile home and/or dated look. Once Texas Home Exteriors completed installation of the project, these homeowners expressed how pleased they are with the end result as our team is as well and proud to share with our community! 

The Re Siding Process Is As Follows: 

  1. Remove all of the old siding
  2. Replace any of the rotted framing
  3. Install new vapor barrier
  4. Install new LP SmartSide siding
  5. Paint all new siding surface areas with lifetime paint
  6. Make sure that this Conroe Texas homeowner is happy with their new LP SmartSide siding 

The Siding Choice For This Conroe Homeowners 

Conroe Texas LP SmartSide Siding Job Front We arrived at this Conroe homeowner’s residence with a variety of siding samples and styles for them to consider. When doing a full siding replacement, this is the best time to upgrade and update the appearance of the home by adding a bit more personality and flair. Two of the most popular siding products on the market today in the Conroe area are James Hardie siding (Hardiplank) as well as the top preforming LP SmartSide siding.

This home in Conroe TX was built on pier and beam. Homes on Pier and beam, unlike a home on a cement slab, have a tendency to move or shift as they settle over time. With this concern in mind, the LP SmartSide siding was the best choice because the nature of LP SmartSide siding offers structural integrity the Hardie product does not alone provide. This, along with the fact that it is made from wood provides strength and durability which is an added value to homeowners.  

Adding Staggered LP SmartSide Shake Shingles As An Accent 

Conroe Texas LP SmartSide Siding Front Left SideThis homeowner decided to go with the addition of the LP SmartSide staggered shingles having it installed on the upper front gable. Adding this option provided a very pleasing and updated look to this home giving it more personality. This sets the home apart from others and renders a more modern and updated look to the home. Updates like this also increase curb appeal for those looking to sale their home even down the road. 

LP 8″ SmartSide Lap Siding For The Remaining Walls

The remanning exteriors walls of the home were re-sided with 8″ LP Lap SmartSide siding. Our Conroe Texas homeowner made the siding combination classic choice which worked well with the home along with choosing Sherwin-Williams paint colors that complemented the home and the look. And, as you can see, the end result is quite pleasing. We are honored here at Texas Home Exteriors to be part of making this homeowner’s home like new!