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real wood log sidingSo you have a home in Houston, Texas, you want to update the siding and you are considering some home exteriors choices. If so Log Siding can be a great and creative option.

You look around and notice homes that have real Wood Log Siding, offer that warm and rustic woodsy feel. After considering your siding options, you are ready to get some estimates to find out the cost of wood log siding replacement.

Here is what you need to know about real Wood Log Siding for your home and what to look out for as we are giving you different prices when rendering an estimate for your home. We hope that you find this information that you are about to read helpful so here we go.

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Types of Wood Log Siding Offered

There are many different wood log siding options to choose from. Depending on the wood that the log is milled from will determine the cost and the look of your new log siding. The most common wood types are: Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus) and Red Cedar Juniperus Virginiana). The White Pine will be by far your most economical choice due to the abundant availability of the trees that are milled here in the USA. Both of the wood log siding options, White Pine and Red Cedar will weather the elements very well.

Log Siding Profiles Offered

The profile of most log siding products offered can range from quarter to half of the round of the log that the siding was milled from.

log siding profiles offeredThese photos seen here are the most commonly installed profiles that are seen on most homes. These are what’s called, a wood veneer siding product that ranges from 1 3/8″ (quarter log) – 2 1/2″ (half log) in thickness.

This is not a true full round log that entire walls of homes can be built with, but rather a layer of siding that is most appealing for the exterior of a home that offers the log home look.

The profile that you select will impact the look of your home to some varying degree. Both of the log siding profiles in each of the thickness that is offered are appealing. The quarter log has more of a suttell look and the half log is more of a bolder look.

Here at Texas Home Exteriors, we suggest that you log on to your computer and look at photos on the internet so you can see what you find what is appealing for your home and setting. Consider the size of your home and the layout. The smaller homes might look good with the quarter log, while larger homes will look better with the half log siding.

For most log siding jobs in our area, the 7″ stack height is most common. Installing this siding product takes a good amount of time, effort and cost to complete any job so you should think carefully about the option that you choose.

Having said that, you want to make sure that you look at homes with log siding and the profiles that are offered. This way, you will be most satisfied with your Wood Log Siding choice for many years to come.

log siding profiles availableLog Corners

This is where you can you can choose a corner that is simple or you can get as creative as you would like. Some of the options include: but-n-pass, saddle-notch and dove-tail. The most common is but-and-run due to the cost savings of not having to buy a log corner and replacing it with a 1″x4″ milled and matching corner.

HOA Approval

This is where you need to check with your Houston Texas area Homeowners Association (HOA or POA) to make sure that Log Siding can be used in your neighborhood. The last thing that you want to do is have the log siding installed not be approved first by your local HOA committee. This is something that you should check into right away to see what is in their by-laws and restrictions are. No need to consider this if your HOA will now allow you to do so.

Cost of Log Siding

The cost of genuine log siding ranges from 2 – 4 times as much as traditional lap siding products. Log siding is considered to be a specialty siding product that will create that warm and inviting feel. This is a look that is hard to duplicate with traditional lap or vinyl siding products. This is why Log Siding is so desirable amongst homeowners around the country.

The cost is also greater due to the increased labor cost due to the special installation techniques that is needed.

Time To Complete Your Log Siding Job

time to complete log siding jobOkay, I have to say something here as a word of caution, this is where many Texas homeowners have gotten frustrated in the past. The time it takes to complete Wood Log Siding is a bit lengthy due to the following reasons: the wood has to be milled, cut and treated, stained and then shipped to the jobsite.

The wood log siding often has to be shipped from out of state where the wood milling facilities are. After they are milled, they will be shipped by special freight. Once the log siding has arrived, we need to schedule the siding crews to install your log siding job.

With this type of installation, it is slower and less unforgiving so more time is needed for the installation to be completed correctly.

You should expect some delays in getting your Wood Log Siding jobs accomplished, however well worth the wait and most rewarding out all of the siding products that we sell and install!

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