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aluminum replacement windowsVertical Siding

So you have decided it is time to move forward with the siding replacement on your Houston, TX area home. An important decision to consider is to install Vertical Siding, Board & Batten or Horizontal? All of these are great siding options that will enhance the look of your home.

Vertical siding is a recent trend that has been hot for a few years now and we have yet to witness any sign of it slowing down. It has a timeless look. Homeowners in the Houston, TX metro area are really liking the fact that they can get as creative as they want with the addition of these Vertical Siding Panels. The vertical siding is offered by both James Hardie and LP SmartSide Panel siding.

If You’re Looking for a Unique Touched, Vertical Siding May Be the Way to Go!

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Vertical Siding Is Back In A Big Way To Stay

verticle siding is backThe type of siding installation you choose will affect the look of your home for years to come. Lap siding can be installed either way but it is rare to see vertical siding on a residential home. This option has been more commonly used in commercial properties, barns and tool sheds in the past as many homeowners express the look as not being as “homey” feeling as horizontal siding.

Others, however, prefer the look because it makes the house appear taller and draws the eye toward the roof. Vertical as well as Board & Batten siding has become very popular as well as an accent element or design feature. Because the pattern of vertical lines can create a very powerful effect, it is an excellent choice for entryways, low porch walls, gables and dormers. So, if you are looking for a unique touch, this could very well be the way to go. But we do find that still, most homeowners prefer horizontal siding that provides the home with a more traditional look.

Something else to consider is that vertical siding can be painted any color. It is a good idea to consider the effect this option might have on the value of the property if you are planning on selling the home in the future.

Although this choice is going to give you home a unique and different appeal, do be prepared to spend more money than you would with the horizontal installation. Vertical siding is a lot more complex to install because the installer will have to install furring strips between each of the siding pieces to protect against possible water leakage.

thermal break energy efficient aluminum windowsGreat Points of Vertical Board & Batten Siding

  • Gives home more a more textured look
  • Enhance the personality of the home
  • Great look installed as an accent in small areas on the home
  • Mix vertical with horizontal siding for a variety of looks
  • Provides a timeless exterior look
  • Allows for great creativity
  • Accents can be painted an accent color to enhance the texture of those areas

Furring Strips On Vertical Siding

Adding the furring strips to you project will not only cost more in materials but also adds to the labor cost so makes it a bit more pricey than horizontal siding.

Vertical siding is just as durable as horizontal siding as it is made from the same product. Another plus side to vertical siding is that is is very easy to clean. All you need is a water hose or pressure washer.

thermal break energy efficient aluminum windowsVertical Siding Materials

Vertical siding is offered in many different materials including steel, aluminum, vinyl, pressed composites, engineered wood and plywood. Aluminum is lightweight and easier to install which may cut down on the cost but also can be subject to rusting which can be prepped and repainted over (although a questionable practice as this could cause some problems later).

Steel is much heavier and a lot harder to install but will last alot longer since it is more durable. These are not the most common siding products used here in Texas.

Pressed composite siding is made of fiber-cement and other additives such as James Hardie and LP SmartSide siding are by far the most common choices here in the Houston Texas metro area. These options are more resistant to cracks and are is fire resistant, but it is more costly than the vinyl siding option. Here at Texas Home Exteriors, we will professionally install Vertical Board & Batten Siding Panels

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