High Pressure Sales Houston TexasThe Danger Of The Top 7 Home Improvement Sales Pressure Tactics You Need To Avoid

As you are contacting contractors to request estimates for home improvements to your home there are some you should know and be aware of. If you are a homeowner in the greater Houston Texas metro area looking at having improvements or upgrades to your home such as roofing, siding or replacement windows, we are offering some tips and advice to help you spot the high pressure sales pressure tactics and manipulations used by various home improvement contractors, some of these are old tactics which have been around for a long time and others are new.

What To Look Out For When It Comes To High Sales Pressure

We recommend that homeowners get several estimates, we recommend at least two or three for comparison of price, product, options and to get a feel for the contractor as well as spotting those who choose to use sales pressure. During your meetings, you will certainly experience different types of representatives with a variety of attitudes, methods and mannerisms which will give you a good feel for who you will consider or not often through the process of elimination. Be on the lookout for the signs and red flags outlined below to help you in choosing your contractor. 

Spotting High Pressures Home Improvement Sales Tactics

By spotting the high pressure sales tactics, you can avoid the possible headaches and problems of having to deal with a questionable contractor for the duration of the job. Let’s face this fact, nobody wants to have an unpleasant experience while work is being performed on their home. The estimation process is a time to get a good feel for the contractor and as always, go with your gut instinct, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t let them pressure you in to working with them. 

Below we have outlined to top 7 home improvement sales pressure tactics to help you spot them so you can make an informed and intuitive decision about which contractor to choose to work on your home. Here are some things to watch out for.

1. “We are giving you a better price today but if I leave or have to come back the price will be more”
This what we call the “big baloney sandwich” and has been around for a long time. This is, by far, the most popular high-pressure home improvement closing tactics out there. To get the homeowner, you, to sign on the dotted line right now and not visit with other contractors who could win over them. Any legitimate contractor will have the same pricing today as they will tomorrow or in a few days of providing you with an estimate. This is a high pressure home improvement sales tactic you should watch out for.

2.  “We are looking for a model home in your neighborhood to display our workmanship and we will give you a discounted price for letting us use your home”
This sales tactic is as old as the hills. It makes sense for exteriors home improvements contractors to want to use a home for display for all of your neighbors to see; however, it is always the homeowner who falls for this supposed lower pricing tactic which is often the same, if not higher, then presented as a nicely discounted price to get you to sign with them.

3. “You and your spouse need to be present at your appointment with us because….”,
The contractor may use a reason or variety of reasons as to why both you and your spouse MUST be present. When a home improvement sales person is provided your contact information, as a lead for an estimate, and only one of the you is able to be present, it is called a one-legger appointment.

Often the homeowner wants to consult with their spouse before making a decision so they want to take that “excuse” away from the homeowner. These high pressure companies want you both to be home so the trained sales person can play off from each of you and pressure you to close the deal on the spot. This high pressure sales tactic with asking both spouses to be home at the time of the estimate is quite common. Of course, there is nothing wrong with both homeowners being present but just be aware of the pressure to sign right now. 

4. Name-calling and badmouthing their competitors
This one is self-explanatory. A contractor should never resort to badmouthing his competitors to get work. This is definitely a red flag for spotting the contractor who likely has something to hide and would rather distract by pointing to his competition and trying to make their competition look bad so you will choose their company.

5. “We Will Be Back” Phone Call
The salesperson did not close the deal with you the day the estimate was given. So you receive a call from the office “following up”. A call like this is typically the next line up calling (or the owner of the company) who is trying to close the deal. They will often offer you a better price than the salesperson did, ask how the sales rep did then undercut (or totally take away) his commission in order to earn your business. These companies do not keep their sales representatives around long. 

6. “The contractor is currently working in your neighborhood”  
The contractor will say that they have a crew who is currently working in your neighborhood and since they are already there, they can just move the construction crew over to your home when they finish up, thus give you a discounted price. They make it sound like this is easier for them to bring the crew over when in reality, it doesn’t mean anything except your neighbor used them for the installation, they give you a supposed discount. This is a high pressure sales tactic

7. “We are the best in the business”
This you will find that many contractors will say to get you too sign on the dotted line. When you hear a company make a claim like this, keep in mind this is pure arrogance talking and not necessarily true. Perform you own due diligence to find out about the company and just say no to their high sales pressure pitch. 

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High Pressure Sales Tactics Conclusion:

It is important for homeowners to be aware when contractors are using high pressure and manipulative  home improvement sales tactics when visiting with you at your home and providing you with an estimate for your home improvement project. We hope these top 5 sales presser tactics help you in identifying when you are being pressured and/or manipulated during during your estimation process and help you to avoid an unpleasant contractor experience.

Any contractor you are considering should have integrity, be honest and have enough competence as to not to go to extremes and desperate measures to earn your business or convince you to go with them. For more information about siding, roofing and windows replacement and Texas EZ Pay Financing for homeowners in Houston Texas, please visit our site, Texas Home Exteriors. Thank you!