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When it comes to replacing your roof, Texas Home Exteriors is Houston’s First Choice for Roofing Shingle Best Practices Replacement. We will never use staples on your GAF roofing shingles and we always replace any rotted plywood we find under the existing roof shingles is one of the best roofing practices of roofing contractors.

Additionally, we will install ridge vents or solar powered vent fans to keep your home cooler during the long hot summer months whether your home is in The Houston, Texas or the surrounding areas. Learn more about best GAF Roofing Shingle Practices. Texas Home Exteriors is happy to share our expertise on re roofing and roof shingle replacement on your home.

Removal of Old Roof

removal of old roofWhen we are out giving Texas homeowners estimates on re-roofing their homes, we are often asked the question “can we just lay the new roofing shingles over the old ones? Our answer: “The best roofing shingle contractors in Houston, Texas do not recommend shingle layovers” due to leakage and what the EPA specifies as mold that can grow between the layers.

Roofing layover is something that we do not recommend this for homes in Southeast Texas because there is no chance to see and replace any rotted wood that might be under the old roofing shingles that could lead to problems and leakage. They often do not lay flat on the decking that can cause water to pool up over a nail head under the multiple layers of shingles ceasing leak issues.

Additionally, layover roofs often cause poor ventilation issues. Energy Star has information on attic ventilation that can help stop issues that can lead to mold growing in the attic space of the home.

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Replace Rotted Decking – Plywood or OSB

replace rotted decking plywood or osbThe photo on the right is an example of what can be found under the shingles when they are removed from Houston, Texas roofs.

Beneath the felt (tar paper) you can see where the roof leaked around the pipe jack, seeped under the felt (tar paper) and flowed under the roofing shingles causing deterioration of the roof decking plywood.

​In southeast Houston Texas, where we get nearly 4 feet of rain per year, the best roofing practice is to remove the old roofing shingles and replace the rotted decking below the roofing shingles before applying new shingles.

No matter where your home is located, whether in Houston, Texas or the surrounding areas, this is the best method for roof replacement, you should expect from your reputable GAF Roofing Shingle Contractors.

Re-Roofing With New GAF Timberline Shingles

re-roofing with new gaf timberline shinglesIn this photo, you can see where we removed the old roofing shingles, replaced any rotted decking (plywood) and installed new felt (tar paper) before installing the new GAF Timberline Roofing Shingles for this Houston Texas roof. Bob Vila algae resistant stop black roof stains so you will not see any black and dark streaks after a few years.

We used GAF Timberline HD Hickory shingles for the roofing on this Houston (Bunker Hill Village Texas) home.

Note how the new GAF Timberline roofing shingles are staggered / offset / setback for proper shingle nailing patterns.

Note also how we used a half-laced roofing valley method for the best water drainage. Additionally, we installed 20″ valley roll under the new GAF Timberline roofing shingles.

This Houston, Texas home located in Bunker Hill Village Texas in the Houston, TX metro area. The complete re-roofing shingle job was completed in just one day by Texas Home Exteriors!

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Continuous Opening For Ridge Vent Ventilation

re-roofing with new gaf timberline shinglesIn this photo, you can see how we created a 1″ (one inch) breathing slot for ventilation on the ridge of this home in Houston, Texas for Roof Ridge Vents.

The slot on the left is fully open, the slot on the right needs the felt cut back before the ridge vents are installed over the GAF Roofing shingles.

This continuous ridge vent will allow this Houston TX home roof to breathe providing it with adequate roof ventilation. This is a must for the hot Houston Texas Summer months, this system allows the new GAF Timberline Roofing Shingles to be cooler as well for a more energy efficient roof and attic ventilation system.

If you are a homeowner that will be Roofing your home in the Texas Wind Zone that requires a windstorm inspection, please see information provided on the link highlighted above for coastal residents.

Complete Roofing Shingle Replacement Done Right by Texas Home Exteriors!

If you are considering Roofing Replacement Shingles, Siding Replacement and or energy efficient Replacement Windows call Texas Home Exteriors today. When we install your new roof, we will ensure that best roofing practices are followed. This will ensure a problem free roof for years to come.

    complete roofing shingle replacement done right

  • Remove Old Roof
  • Replace Rotted Decking
  • New Pipe Jacks
  • Valley Flashing
  • Underlayment
  • Sidewall Flashings
  • Galvanized Nails
  • New Shingles
  • Proper Ventilation

Thank you, and we hope that you have found this best roofing practices info helpful provided to you by Texas Home Exteriors Inc.

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