Hardie VS. LP SmartSide Siding Product Warranties Wars

So you are considering LP SmartSide or Hardie siding for your home and want to know what siding product has the best warranty. What is the difference between the two and witch one is better?

by: Greg Kapitan the Siding Man 09/06/2014

The Siding Warranty Wars Rage On
LP SmartSide or Hardie Warranty What Is Best? 

LP SmartSide Siding WarrantyI cannot tell you how many emails and calls we here at Texas Home Exteriors receive on this subject. It can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. However we are honored to be the leader in knowledge of this product. Here at the Texas Home Exteriors office we also see a lot of pings that we receive on our website as well with searches like; hardiplank vs smart side, best siding warranties, siding options etc. 

Obviously there are many folks here in the Houston TX metro are looking and doing research on the internet to find information on siding products. Having said that I would like to offer my educated opinion.

James Hardie Siding WarrantyProof In Writing From Siding Manufactures and Web Links

Here are two links to the James Hardie Hardiplank Siding and LP SmartSide Siding warranties. Click on each of the links to see for yourself the differences in each for not only siding but also for the trim that is used with the siding product. As you can see there are differences in what is offered to homeowners.

Results and conclusion after seeing the siding warranties

James Hardie offers a 30 year warranty on the siding only, (see center image below). The trim is a separate 15 year warranty, (see left image below)  and LP SmartSide offers a 50 year. The Hardie is NON Prorated for the full 30 (thirty) years for siding and 15  (fifteen) years for the trim. The LP SmartSide is 50 (fifty) years for both siding and trim IS Prorated. LP also offers for the first 5 (five) years a NON Prorated 100% replacement coverage.  With the Hardie, you basicly have a 15yr and 30 warranty that is NON Prorated. I could see some finger pointing here if the trim should fail first. In my opinion that is what you will most likely experience should you have a problem.

So having said that, with the Hardie Siding you are getting a 15 year warranty in my pinnion. With the SmartSide, you get a 50 year siding and trim warranty for both that is NON Prorated for the first 5 years and includes 100% replacement coverage! That would be the one that I would  consider choosing however, if fire resistance is a concern I would go with the Hardie Siding Product and read this article.

For more information on the differences between the two siding products see, SmartSide Siding vs. Fiber Cement (hardiplank) web page. I want the Houston  TX metro area homeowners to have a clear choice when it comes to the best LP SmartSide or Hardie siding warranty for their home.  

My best regards to all,

Greg Kapitan.

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