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Are you in need of an outdoor fence for your home in the Houston Texas metro area and would like to finance? If so, Texas Home Exteriors has some exciting fencing options to offer you! This is your opportunity to get creative as you want as a fence surrounds your home creating both safety and exterior styling. When your home is viewed, folks will see how it is surrounded with an updated beautiful and stylish fence making a statement. 

Outdoor Wood Fence Style Options For Houston Texas Homeowners

With so many outdoor fence style options to choose from it can be challenging task. No worries as we are here to help you make the right choice for your home. Below are some of the most popular examples: 

  • Diagonal or Straight Lattice Top  – Homes & Subdivisions 
  • Post and Rail – Large Lots and Land 
  • Spaced Picket – Gardens
  • Privacy Fence – Homes & Subdivisions
  • Semi-Privacy Fence – Holmes & Subdivisions 
  • Many more fence options 

Outdoor Fence Installation Timeframe 

We often are asked the question from homeowners, “how long will the job take as we do not want our yard exposed”. Here at Texas Home Exteriors we understand your valid concern. Often for new fence installation we can install most jobs in just one to two days! This way your yard is not exposed for any length of time. 

What About Removing Your Old Fence

If you have an older fence that is needing replacing in the Houston Texas area, we are here to help. We can remove the old fence and hall it off to the landfill. We can also make installation provisions for the new fence of your choosing while the old is being removed. This for instance can be done while each section is being removed, the new section is being installed. This way your yard is not open for any long length of time. 

Financing For Your New Fence

We offer this financing option so you can focus getting your new fence installed with ease! If your home is in the Houston Texas area, Texas Home Exteriors has many financing options for your new outdoor fence. With our Texas EZ Pay 1% financing, you can leave the money in the bank and use ours.