Hardie Siding The Woodlands Texas Front Hardie Hardiplank Siding Job The Woodlands TX

Here we are showcasing a Hardie (hardiplank) siding job that Texas Home Exteriors installed in the summer of 2017. The job location is in The Woodlands Texas. This homeowner we having rotting wood issues and the home was starting to have a moldy smell in it’s interior. This can be common as moisture can get behind the rotting wood siding. The insulation behind the siding can get wet and trap in moisture that can cause mold to form. As you can see, this is a nice looking home that is in need of an upgrade.

Hardie Siding The Woodlands Texas Beaded Cedarmill Close UpThe New Chosen Hardie Siding Profile

The siding that we used for this home is manufactured by James Hardie and made from a process called fiber cement. This is a horizontal siding product. Having said that, James Hardie Building Products manufactures several profiles. The profile (style) that this homeowner chose was Hardie beaded cedarmill siding

Time Frame For The Woodlands Texas Hardie Siding Job 

After the homeowner decided to choose Texas Home Exteriors to install their new siding, we scheduled a start date. They wanted to be home for the project. We started the job a week later on a Monday as agreed. By that Friday in the afternoon the crew was wrapping up the job. Needless to say, this homeowner in The Woodlands was most happy with the results. 

The Hardie Siding Job Outlined:

Hardie Siding The Woodlands Texas Sidewall1 – Delivery Of Hardie Siding Materials

With the scheduled date we delivered the new Hardie Siding for this The Woodlands homeowner. We usually make deliveries by 8:00 am in the morning. We ask that the vehicles are kept out of the driveway. We do this to avoid any possible damage. 

2 – Home Clearance Of Possessions

Due to the fact that we are going to be working on the outside walls of a home, we ask that any objects in the inside of the home such as photos etc be removed. We also ask that any cars in the garage is removed to avoid anything falling on them.

3 – Removal Of Old Siding

We then will lay down tarps to catch degrees around the perimeter of the home. We started the process of removing the old siding and loding into our trash trailer.

4 – We Inspect The Wall Cavity & Replace Rotted Studs

With your wall cavity is now open, we will replace any rotted studs. 

Hardie Siding The Woodlands Texas Back Of Home 5 – Inspect Insulation 

This is the bst time now that the wall cavity is open to remove and replace any millduded and or compromised insulation. 

6 – Install New Vapor Barrier 

Chances are that your home was built with an inferior vapor barrier. We will install a new upgraded vapor barrier that will protect the outside of your home and allow the wall cavity to breathe.

This will also stop the inside of the wall cavity from having any moisture from entering that can form into mold. As a result of this your homes interior will have less moisture and affiliated odor. 

Hardie Siding The Woodlands Texas Front Of Home 7 – Use Sealant Tape Around All Penetrations 

This is an important step that will help keep seal out any water or moisture. This is a 4″ tape that is applied around windows, doors or any wall penetrations.  

8 – Install New Hardie Siding 

This is where we will install the new Hardie siding that you have selected. We will use the proper insulation techniques as well and the recommended fiber cement nails. 

9 – Install Sealant on Siding Surface

This step is also refer to caulking. This we do at all recommended areas by the Hardie siding manufacturers. 

Hardie Siding The Woodlands Texas West Sidewall 10 – Painting Your New Hardie Siding

In The Woodlands Texas we have weather extremes that occur quite often. We will paint your home with a paint that we recommend by Sherwin-Williams. We will use the Super Paint with a 25 year warranty or better such as the Resilience that is a lifetime warranty. This will ensure that yoir home will look great great for many years to come. 

11 – Final Walkaround Inspection Of Your New Hardie Siding

At the end of your Hardie siding job, we will do what we call a walk around at the end. This will ensure that we get all of the details taken care of while the cres are still on the job. 

Hardie Siding The Woodlands Texas Home Exteriors Crew 12 – Haul Away Any And All Job Related Debris

This is where we have the crew members haul away all of the job related dedris in a trailer. They will also use a magnetic nail and screw finder to come your yard for loose metal objects. 

Your Home In The Woodlands With New Hardie Siding

As you can see by the information above, it is quite the processes to install Hardie siding correctly on your home in The Woodlands Texas. And most importantly, install the Hardie siding product correctly. We hope that you have also enjoyed the photos that we have included.