Leaf Guard Gutters Options for Houston Texas Area Homeowners 

Are you a homeowner in the Houston Texas area and have leaves in your gutter? If so we have some relief for you with our leaf gutter guards. As a homeowner there are better choices than climbing up a ladder to removed leaves form your gutters and making a mess. Besides, there is also the danger of getting up on a ladder for many of us that we do not think of.

Gutter Guards The Permanent Solution To Cleaning Your Gutters  

What are gutters guards and how do they help?

Your homes gutters are in a u shaped fission. They are designed to receive the water that is draining off of yoir roof and then channel that water into a downspout and carry it away from your homes base. The last thing that you want is to walk out your front door and have the water come cascading down on you while entering or existing your home. Just becuase it is raining outside dose not mean you have to get wet.   

Gutter Guard Options

Below we will showcase for you the many different gutter guard options that you can choose from for you Houston Texas area home. Here we will outline the benefits of each as well as cost. 

gutters with leaf screens Houston Texas Gutter Screens Wire Mesh Type

With this option we will place a an aluminum metal leaf screen over your existing gutters. This product will slip the gutter screen under your roofing shingles(if needed) and over the top of your gutters. This will stop the leaves from collecting into your gutters. If you have pine trees with pine needles we do not the gutter screens as the pine needles can lodge themselves into the screens and become a cleanning challenge. 

The price on the gutter screens to keep the leaves out of your gutters is between: $3 – $5 a lineal foot. 

leaf guard gutter covers with gutter helmetGutter Covers Solid / Slotted Type

Another option to keeping the leaves out of your gutters is a leaf guard cover. Unlike a leaf screen, this cover is a solid sheet of aluminum. It has a small slit of an opening in the front allowing the water that is coming off of your roof to enter. The leaves and other debris just slide off.


The price on the gutter screens to keep the leaves out of your gutters is between: $14 -18 a lineal foot. 


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We hope that you have found this information on gutter leaf guards helpful for your Houston Texas metro area home. Thank you from all of us at, Texas Home Exteriors