GAF Timberline The Movie 

Yes you have read that correctly, GAF the Timberline roofing shingle manufacturer has made a real movie! What is it about? It is about how durable GAF Timberline roofing shingles are for your home! Click play below and you will be pleasantly surprised! 

A Movie About GAF Timberline Roofing Shingles? 

Homeowners need to be made aware how durable the GAF Timberline roofing shingles are and the best way to tell this story is with a movie. Photos are one thing, a movie where you can see how the roofing shingles resist the elements is another. 

Wind Resistant 

In the GAF movie they showcase how the shingles stay fully intact when category hurricane winds are forced upon the home. These are 130 mph plus winds that will tipickley blow any other roofing shingles off. That is not the case with the GAF Timberline the movie shows. Thus keeping your family and loved ones inside the home inside safe and sound. This is category 3 hurricane force winds by the way.

Fire Resistant 

This is where GAF showcase’s how wind driven fire embers are thrown at the roof. These are hot sparks that one might see if a home next door is on fire. Or maybe a wildfire that is not far away. In the movie you can see how the red hot embers are thrown at the roof and end up ether bouncing off or landing on the roof and going out with NO damage! Now this roof is NOT fireproof, how demonstrates a surprising amount if fire resistance. 

Water Resistant 

Next you will see in this movie how the GAF testing team hundreds of gallons of water deciding on the roof in under two minutes. They have the fire department spray an intense amount of water in the roof and you can see coming cascading down. Then they lift up one of the shingles and pull out a photo out of a child. This photo was dry as can be! Demonstrating how water resistant GAF Timberline roofing shingles are in this movie. 

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We truly hope that you have enjoyed this GAF Timberline Movie showing first hand how incredibly resistant these roofing shingles are to the elements. Thank you from our family to yours, Texas Home Exteriors INC.