Caring For Your LP SmartSide Siding

cleaning lp smartside siding Maintaining & Caring For Your LP SmartSide Siding

Now that your new LP SmartSide siding has been installed, what do you need to do to care, clean and maintain its’ beauty so it looks new? This is a great question and we have some great thoughts here on what you should be doing. First off before we get into what is necessary, remember that your new LP SmartSide siding comes with a 50 year warranty! Not to worry, LP has your back!   

If you want to increase the longevity of your LP SmartSide Siding, it is important that each year you take the time to visually inspect your homes exterior to assess any wear and tear your siding may have endured over the past year. Like all things, siding will need periodic maintenance such as cleaning and care to be performed to keep it functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Below are some helpful tips for cleaning your LP SmartSide Siding.

  1. Make sure that your LP SmartSide siding has not come in contact with the ground. If this is the case, it will have constant moisture and a way for insects to have easy accessibility. The siding needs to be at least 6″ off of the ground
  2. Once a year cleaning is what we recommend.
  3. Your siding needs to be clean and clear of dust and airborne dirt build up. We recommend that you wash the surface with a gentle soap or white vinegar/ water mixture (1 part white vinegar and 2 parts water).
  4. If you are going to use a pressure washer, we recommend that you use low pressure as the high pressure washing force will force moisture into the sidings surface. This might chip the paint off.
  5. If you are considering using any harsh chemicals as this will damage your siding by impregnating chemicals deep into the surface
  6. Would you want to do any paint touch up any chips and small imperfections, we recommend that you use a paintbrush using a cotton swab to apply matching paint to the bare areas.
  7. You do not want your LP SmartSide siding to be in contact with water. Some homeowners have lawn watering systems that often will water the siding as well. This is not recommended as contestant contact with moisture and or water is not good for a wood based siding product.
  8. Check your sealant and caulking around the siding that has either separated or lost its seal, hire a professional contractor to fix the problem like Texas Home Exteriors.
  9. Last but not least will be leaking gutters. Should they be dripping and or leaking on a certain point of your siding, that needs to stop and be addressed. 

By using the information will ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your newly installed LP SmartSide siding. It will also save you any headaches in the future. We also have posted some helpful web links below that have outlined further information on how to care, clean & maintain a healthy siding surface. 

How To Clean and Maintain LP SmartSide Siding Web links:

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We hope that you have found this post on Maintaining, Caring and Cleanning Your LP SmartSide Siding helpful. With proper care, it will last for many years to come. Thank you again for all of us here at, Texas Home Exteriors

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  1. Adam Reed says:

    Like any home improvement, maintenance of siding is required. As long as you take the right steps over the long term, you’re going to avoid any high cost fixes.

  2. Carl Munroe says:

    What”s wrong with this house? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It has so many incredible touches both inside and out too many to list but all that fancy exterior work on the siding and worth it just for that amazing entrance and then inside.

  3. Jimmy says:

    We love our LP smart siding.

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