Spot a Roofing Scam in 3 Ways

back view of handyman in uniform and helmet repairing roof while standing on ladder

You’re outside, raking up the leaves and debris from a recent major storm. Surveying the damage, you realize your home has escaped unscathed. You smile to yourself, as relief washes over you; all is well. Suddenly, a stranger appears in your driveway and beckons you his way. You’re immediately wary of what he may be […]

Is My New Roof Covered By Insurance?

Insurance brokers are introducing real estate insurance programs to clients.

Simply put, insurance companies are fully aware of how important roofs are to a home. They protect everything and everyone inside, afterall. Which means, in the grand scheme, it prevents them from a bigger payout for flooding or mold damage. Additionally, if the roof is simply damaged at the moment, it’s much cheaper to pay […]

How Do I Know If My Roof Was Damaged In a Storm?

Hail damage to a metal roof

When a large storm rolls through your area, it can cause major damage to roofs. From big branches to damaged shingles, storms aren’t a roof’s best friend. So, you’re probably wondering what the state of your roof is and how you can identify any potential problem areas. Is it unsafe? Does a professional need to […]